VPNSecure is a VPN provider that claims to offer high-quality VPN services for a cheap price. I have reviewed this website and have found out that this might not necessarily be the case. Read this complete VPNSecure review to learn more about the services offered by this VPN company.



The speed offered by VPNSecure is not that bad but by far not one of the best. I have experienced download times around 8 Mbps but also around 90 Mbps. Unfortunately this is just not good enough for most things that people used to do with a VPN.

With such speeds it’s unfortunately not possible to properly stream HD videos, for example. If you use a streaming service with this VPN then you will likely end up with your video quality being reduced and not being able to enjoy your favourite movie or TV show in HD or 4k.

This goes for gaming as well. With VPNSecure you will unfortunately experience too much lag in order to properly play competitive online games.

However, if you only want to securely browse websites to unblock sites blocked in your country then VPNSecure is good, because for those things you don’t need crazy fast speeds.



VPNSecure has locations in 48 countries which is less what most other premium VPN providers have to offer. With so few locations you may not be able to unblock content from certain smaller countries (if that is what you are looking for in a VPN).

However, the servers and countries available will be enough for the majority of people. As said in the previous segment, if what you are interested in is just securely browsing the internet then VPNSecure is perfect for this, even without super fast servers and over a hundred of available countries.



While it may not have many servers in many countries (or even very fast servers), VPNSecure excels in regards in privacy. It has a real and authentic zero logs policy, which means it will not keep any logs of any kind regarding user behaviour.

VPNSecure will not keep records of what websites you visit, what times you use the application or anything else for that matter. This is a huge advantage over many premium VPNs, such as even ExpressVPN, that do not have a true zero-logs policy.

VPNSecure also does not log your IP address, in case you were wondering.

As such, this category VPNSecure gets the maximum score from me.

So if you are only looking for a VPN in order to hide your internet activity (and nothing else such as streaming or gaming), then VPNSecure is truly excellent. You can ignore the lower scores in the other categories if those don’t apply to you.

You can also pay with Bitcoin if you wish to further increase your privacy. Not even the VPN provider itself will have to know your real name.


Ease of Use

The VPNSecure website is very easy to use and to navigate on. It’s a modern website built with modern standards. The same can be said of the computer as well as mobile application as well. After you install the application on your device and launch it you will be presented with a list of servers to choose from. After selecting the server you will only have to press the “connect” button.

VPNSecure has native app for devices running on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

In case you are new to VPNs, VPNSecure also has a detailed guides section explaining every detail about its services and platform as well as the installation instructions for the application. I have noticed that not many other VPN platforms do this.



I have tested the customer department of VPNSecure and have found that they reply in time and in accurate answers. I tried the live chat function and have gotten a response form the support staff member within just 2 minutes with a detailed answer.

Unfortunately not many VPNs excel when it comes to customer support but it looks like that VPNSecure has nailed down this aspect pretty good.

Another good thing about this VPN provider it its FAQ section that even includes videos. You can actually watch step-by-step what you will have to do in order to install and use this VPN app.

As such, I’ll have to give maximum score for VPNSecure in this category.



For a one-month subscription VPNSpecial costs $9.95. For 6 months pre-paid it costs $8.32 per month and for 12 months pre-paid it costs $6.66 per month.

I have mixed feelings about this pricing model. I believe it’s a bit too much, considering that this is similar to what high-end VPN providers charge for even better services.

Sure, VPNSecure is great for privacy but it’s not that good for almost anything else. You won’t be able to properly stream movies and TV-shows with it, so why should it cost the same as other VPN apps that do offer these things?

As such, unfortunately I don’t believe you’ll get a good value for your money if you choose VPNSecure. That’s just how it is. As much as I would like this VPN due to its strong privacy features I cannot recommend it as a premium VPN.

If you are interested in a VPN that does also come with very strong privacy features but also extremely fast servers for streaming then I would direct you to NordVPN.

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VPNSecureis extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

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