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GDPR Fines Tracker & Statistics

Total Number of GDPR Fines


Total Amount of GDPR Fines


Largest Fine


Meta Platforms, Inc. (Facebook) on May 22 , 2023 - Ireland

Smallest Fine


Unknown on November 18 , 2020 - Hungary

Most Recent GDPR Fines

*Only includes finalised cases



*Only includes final & binding fines

Countries with the most fines

*Only includes finalised cases

  • Spain594
  • Italy244
  • Romania126
  • Germany122
  • Hungary66

Countries with the largest amount of fines

*Only includes final & binding fines

  • Ireland€2,510,165,800
  • Luxembourg€746,312,300
  • Italy€144,195,096
  • France€293,594,300
  • United Kingdom€75,452,800

All data is from official government sources, such as official reports of national Data Protection Authorities.

*Because not all fines are made public, some might not be presented on this page. Our aim is to offer the most complete list of GDPR fines available anywhere.

Last updated: 22 May 2023.

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The purpose of our GDPR fines tracker is multifaceted. Primarily, it serves as an invaluable resource for journalists, researchers, organizations, and anyone interested in understanding the current landscape of GDPR fines.

The tracker helps demystify the intricacies of these fines, providing an at-a-glance perspective on a complex subject.

It sheds light on the varying scale of fines, the reasons behind them, and the companies or industries most affected.

Further, the page not only offers raw data but also provides meaningful insights through its concise descriptions for each fine.

This feature aims to facilitate comprehension of the context and implications of each fine, empowering users to understand the various factors influencing regulatory decisions.

In addition, the fine descriptions could aid businesses in identifying common pitfalls, thereby enabling them to strengthen their data protection strategies.

The fines tracker also plays a crucial role in promoting transparency. We firmly believe that an informed public contributes significantly to a more accountable and fair digital ecosystem.

By providing open access to this important data, we hope to inspire discussions around data protection, privacy rights, and the effectiveness of GDPR enforcement.

In terms of scope, the GDPR fines tracker aspires to be the go-to reference for all GDPR-related fines, regardless of the country or the size of the organization.

This tracker covers every reported GDPR fine across all EU member states and beyond, including countries outside the EU that are subject to GDPR due to their interactions with European residents.

The completeness and accuracy of our tracker are paramount to us. We are committed to ensuring that the information we provide is updated regularly, and any changes in the legal statuses of cases are swiftly reflected.

However, we must note that while we strive to maintain the most comprehensive and accurate information, there may be instances where certain details are not immediately available due to the reporting mechanisms of different authorities.

This tool was initially created to expedite our research process, but it has grown into a full-fledged database aiming to enhance public understanding of GDPR fines.

We invite you to explore and use this resource to delve deeper into the landscape of GDPR fines and contribute to the discourse on data protection and privacy rights.