GDPR Fines Tracker & Statistics

Total Number of GDPR Fines


Largest Fine


Google Inc. on January 21 , 2019 - France

Total Amount of GDPR Fines


Smallest Fine


Police Officer on August 17 , 2020 - Estonia

5 Most recent gdpr Fines

*Only includes finalised cases


Top 5 biggest GDPR fines

*Only includes final & binding fines

All data is from official government sources, such as official reports of national Data Protection Authorities.

Where are the Marriott and British Airways fines?
The Marriott and British Airways cases are not final yet and the fines are just proposals. Other GDPR fines trackers incorrectly report those as final.

*Because not all fines are made public, some might not be presented on this page. Our aim is to offer the most complete list of GDPR fines available anywhere.

Last updated: 5 January 2021.

The GDPR fines tracker was initially created as an in-house tool to aid the research process because our writers had found it difficult to get accurate breakdowns of statistics that could be used within articles.

We quickly decided that turning the tool into a referencable page would not only speed things up further at our end, but could also prove a useful resource for others.

The GDPR fines tracker we created is the most complete and accurate version we’ve found online. It’s updated regularly and a clear distinction is made between the legal statuses of incomplete cases.

Having the key data summarised in an easy to read dashboard allows very quick reference and searching when conducting research.

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