Cybersecurity and Digital-Privacy Tools and Research

Welcome to the PrivacyAffairs research hub.

We are cybersecurity experts exploring the data-privacy and security issues that are constantly evolving throughout the world. We perform extensive research and publish our data and analysis here to help the technology community better understand today’s privacy challenges.

  • GDPR Fines Tracker & Statistics
    GDPR Fines Tracker & Statistics

    List of all known GDPR fines and detailed statistics based on countries.

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  • Cyberwarfare statistics: A decade of geopolitical attacks
    Cyberwarfare statistics: A decade of geopolitical attacks

    We break down some of the numbers and gain insight into the nature of cyberattacks.

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  • Dark Web Price Index 2020
    Dark Web Price Index 2020

    The dark web has long been known for its illicit market places where one can obtain everything from drugs to hacked credentials.

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Our hands-on approach to cybersecurity research follows a dmeanding process of scientific rigour and methodology. Each piece we work on is reviewed and scrutinised by several members of the internal team as well as external cybersecurity professionals before being published. Only once we’ve made absolutely sure that our research is valid do we publish it on the website.