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  • Beginner's guide to VPN
    Beginner's guide to VPN

    We explain how a VPN works and why you need one in our easy guide.

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  • Unblock YouTube
    Unblock YouTube

    Learn how to unblock and access YouTube with a VPN service.

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  • Protect Your Child on the Internet
    Protect Your Child on the Internet

    Find out how to protect your child on the internet in this Ultimate Guide.

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PrivacyAffairs.com will provide you with the latest cybersecurity news and events. We will also teach you how to use a VPN and how to increase your online privacy and security. Learn how to unblock websites that are unavailable in your country. For example, find out how to have SoundCloud unblocked with a VPN or unblock YouTube videos not available in your country. Check out the guides section for more helpful tips.

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With over a decade cybersecurity experience we are experts in reviewing VPNs. With our help, you will be able to find the VPN service that fits your needs the most, whether it’s a Mac VPN or a VPN to unblock content not available in your country.