Dark Web Price Index 2022


Dark Web Price Index 2023

Buyers with an entrée to Dark Web retailers participated in a market that was even larger, more diverse, and vigorous than the year before.

Written for the June 2022 to January April 2023 reporting period, this guide updates the information provided in our previous report.

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RansomHouse Targets Chinese Ronglian Group

RansomHouse has posted evidence of a new attack, this time against the China-based Ronglian Group Limited. According to the hackers, the attack allowed them to […]



Cybercriminal Coalition Attacks NATO Websites

The usual cybercriminal coalition formed by NoName, Russian Cyber Army, and UserSec, announced a massive operation today. The targets: several NATO websites spread across several […]

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Data is one of the most valuable commodities in the world right now.

Companies such as Facebook and Google track you to sell highly personalized advertising space to the highest bidder.

They know who your friends are, what you’re interested in, how likely you are to watch a certain video, your political leanings, and even which websites you visit.

Governments monitor your activities by passing laws that force ISPs to provide information on every character you type into a search engine and every webpage you visit. They can track your location through mobile phone triangulation and follow you using extensive networks of CCTV cameras. Additionally, they continually attempt to weaken strong encryption, which protects our data from being easily accessed.

Hackers and cybercriminals constantly search for vulnerabilities in the systems companies use to store users’ data. They employ sophisticated social engineering attacks to trick people into willingly handing over their data. Major data breaches occur at an alarming rate and continue to increase in frequency. In the US, a computer is targeted in a hacking attempt every 25 seconds, and the global cost of cybercrime is projected to reach $6 trillion in 2021.

The consequences of your data falling into the wrong hands can be severe. This can range from having to change your passwords, having your emails published, and your website memberships becoming public knowledge, to being denied credit because someone has taken out a loan in your name.

Privacy Affairs is an information provider and content creator dedicated to helping you understand how to protect your private data and avoid becoming a victim of a data breach or cyber attack. We report important news, research vulnerable consumer and professional technologies, and provide information on how to keep your information safe from rogue companies, intrusive governments, cybercriminals, and anyone else who might harm you by stealing or intercepting your data.