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About PrivacyAffairs

Welcome to PrivacyAffairs.com – the source of data privacy and cybersecurity research, information, and advice. We believe in a free and safe internet without national borders or surveillance, protected from cybercriminals and spies.

Who we are

We are a small collection of cyber-security professionals, tech journalists, and privacy advocates from the Old Guard of internet users who grew up in a time when privacy was still a reasonable expectation and the internet was largely democratic.

We believe in liberating the internet from the state actors that control so many aspects of our lives and further erode our privacy on a daily basis.
Our mission is to cut through the noise of inaccurate advice and broken promises so often found on even some of the biggest sites.

We create detailed, accurate and most importantly truthful and unbiased resources for anyone looking to learn about online privacy and protecting their data.

Editorial Staff

Joe Robinson – Chief Editor, Cybersecurity Expert
Miguel Gomez – Head of Research, Cybersecurity Expert & Analyst
Bogdan Patru – Research Coordinator
Alex Popa – News Writer

Why we made PrivacyAffairs

There are too many websites these days that simply push people to buy a product to bring the highest profits to the website owners, regardless of the quality of the resource.

It’s not just the tech industry, but everywhere you look. Google is absolutely littered with fake experts touting their recommendations, which are these days almost indistinguishable from the ads.

When this happens with online privacy and cyber-security sites, we have a problem.

Accurate resources, honest reviews, and carefully researched statistics
Many of our readers want to access more Netflix content or unblock SoundCloud from school.

Providing inaccurate recommendations of services to achieve this could end up costing people money and causing inconvenience – unacceptable in our book, but not life-threatening.

However, we also have readers who rely on us to provide accurate information so they can access the internet in safety from countries where their freedom may be at risk if they are not sufficiently protected. There are countless countries in which journalists risk their lives to expose corruption, inequality, and persecution so the world knows the truth.

We guarantee that all the information we publish is, to the best of our knowledge, factual, accurate, and unbiased.

Unbiased recommendations

As an organization we strongly believe in standing up for the rights of the unprotected so we’ve made it our number one priority to ensure all the information we provide is up-to-date, reliable, and trustworthy.

We perform rigorous testing on any product or service that we review, and draw on the latest cyber-security news, along with our team’s wealth of experience to continuously improve our testing criteria so we can give our readers the most thorough and accurate advice possible.

How to reach us

If you have any questions about the website or VPNs in general, contact us at:


Please do not contact us if you wish to buy or sell SEO links, we are not interested.

We also do not publish paid articles and especially not paid reviews so please don’t request any from us.