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CyberGhost Review CyberGhost Review

By Justin Oyaro 2 January 2023

Cybersecurity Expert

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Price from: $2.75/mo

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Things To Like

  • Runs on up to 7 devices simultaneously
  • Ultra-fast speeds for HD streaming
  • Located in a privacy-friendly country
  • Low pricing

Things Not To Like

  • App is a bit old

Available CyberGhost Plans

24 Months

$2.75 per month

  • Runs on up to 7 devices simultaneously
  • Ultra-fast speeds for HD streaming
  • Located in a privacy-friendly country
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12 Months

$3.75 per month

  • Runs on up to 7 devices simultaneously
  • Ultra-fast speeds for HD streaming
  • Located in a privacy-friendly country
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1 Month

11.99 per month

  • Runs on up to 7 devices simultaneously
  • Ultra-fast speeds for HD streaming
  • Located in a privacy-friendly country
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CyberGhost is one of the “big 5” VPN providers on the web. It offers top-of-the-line privacy and security along with excellent high-speed servers in a huge number of countries. CyberGhost was founded in 2011 in Romania, which a country with very low to non-existent internet censorship laws as well as consistently ranking in the top 3 countries when it comes to internet speeds on the globe.

Being located in Romania as well as having a complete zero-log policy makes this VPN highly recommended for privacy enthusiasts.

As the majority of Romanian internet companies, due to the focus on high internet speeds in the country, CyberGhost is also heavily focusing on speed and is constantly making upgrades to improve this even further. This makes it an ideal VPN for streaming and gaming.



CyberGhost is consistently ranking among the top 5 fastest VPN providers on the globe. This mainly comes from the fact that it was founded in Romania, where high internet speeds are the norm and expected as a default service from any Romanian internet company.

In this category we have to give CyberGhost the maximum score of 10.

What all this means is that you can do whatever you want on the web using CyberGhost without any lag or decrease in noticeable browsing speed. You can stream HD and 4k movies with US IP addresses and not notice any delays or experience any low resolution issues whatsoever. Not even once.

You can also play multiplayer online games and mask your real location and not experience any noticeable lag or loading issues.

In this category we have to give CyberGhost the maximum score of 10.



In recent years CyberGhost has been adding many new servers in many new locations but it still lacks behind some of the other top 5 VPN sites in this category. At this moment is has servers and IP addresses in 58 countries, which somewhat more than what most have but a still less than the other top VPN sites.

In these countries CyberGhost runs a total of above 2,200 servers at the moment of this article’s writing.

In the US it has a total of 204 servers, which is awesome. UK has 127, Germany 165 and Canada 32.

The availability of multiple servers in key countries is a huge plus because in case your favourite streaming service bans an IP you can quickly switch over to another server in the same country. So, it’s not always a huge downside to have your servers spread all across the globe, sometimes it’s much more advantageous to have multiple servers concentrated in a list of key countries.



CyberGhost is highly recommended for privacy because it’s located in Romania and because it has a no-logs policy. Romania has very lax to no internet censorship laws and there exists a significant internet privacy culture in the country. Sure, it’s still in the EU but Romania is multiple times better than, say, the UK, in this respect.

Perhaps the best part about privacy is the fact that it has a zero-log policy, meaning that CyberGhost will not keep logs of any of your data, not even connection times or server chosen. CyberGhost will have no idea who you actually are and what you actually do on the web.
Another great feature of CyberGhost is the options to choose which application or program on your device should always use a CyberGhost VPN connection by default, instead of your normal connection.

This ensures you won’t have to manually launch CyberGhost every single time you want to use a particular application with a VPN connection.

The CyberGhost app also comes with built-in malicious content protection and anti-tracking feature, which essentially acts like an anti-spyware and anti-malware app. So you get extra benefits with this VPN you usually don’t get from other VPN apps.

We give CyberGhost a score of 9.5 in category. -0.5 is because it’s located in the EU. Normally this would be -2 at least, but an exception can be made for Romania due to the specific nature of internet laws and internet privacy culture in that country.

Ease of Use


CyberGhost’s web and mobile platform was upgraded very recently meaning it’s extremely modern and elegant. It contains all the relevant information such as list of servers and the connect button on a simple dashboard-like main page.

The platform also has an amazing feature I personally like a lot, which allows you to select the reason you wish to use the VPN. For example, if you indicate you want to use it for streaming, it will only connect you to high-speed servers that were specifically set up and optimized for performance needed to run HD and 4k videos.

If you choose to use it for privacy and indicate it as such on the platform, then it will only connect you to servers in high-privacy jurisdictions and will all security features such as malicious content protection and anti-tracking enabled by default.

Another extremely useful feature can be found on the CyberGhost mobile app that allows you to compress all website data so that you consume less mobile data and reach websites much faster than normal.

And as indicated in a previous segment you also have the possibility to indicate which applications to always use your CyberGhost connection. This is extremely useful for torrenting or certain gaming platforms. This ensures that you can use everything else such as browsing on your normal connection while redirecting all torrenting (or whatever you want) traffic through the VPN server.

An amazing plus is that you can use CyberGhost on up to 7 separate devices at the same time. This means you can add it to your PC, laptop, phone and tablet and still have 3 other free slots to give away to your friends or family.



Unlike many other VPN providers CyberGhost has a robust customer support platform and service. You can usually expect answers to your emails in around 1 hour but if you need something faster you can always contact the 24/7 live chat support available.

What I like most about the CyberGhost support team was that even the live chat staff seems to be well-trained and knowledgeable enough to give you direct answers to even complicated technical questions. Most live chat staff of other VPN providers don’t usually know every technical detail in-dept and will refer you to technical support, which usually takes much longer to respond.



CyberGhost has 4 plans available to choose from which are: 1 months plan at $11.99 per month; 1 year pre-paid at $4.99 per month, meaning $59.88 per year; 2 years pre-paid at $3.79 per month meaning $90.96 total and 4 the 3 years plan at $2.75 per month meaning a total of $99.

These prices are a little bit higher than what other VPN providers charge but considering CyberGhost is one of the top VPN providers out there and has several highly useful features that are not available at all elsewhere, this is completely justified and is absolutely worth it.