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Anonymous Arabia Hits the Arabian Bank Al Rajhi

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 3 December 2023

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Anonymous Arabia took responsibility for attacking the Al Rajhi bank in Saudi Arabia. Al Rajhi is one of the biggest Saudi banks and the attack cause the website to go offline.

  • Anonymous Arabia is a newcomer in the cyberthreat space, but has already become a feared threat actor
  • Despite its name, this organization isn’t tied to the actual Anonymous group; rather, the organization’s name is a homage to the latter
  • Unlike other hacktivist groups, Anonymous Arabia only seems to be interested in events related to the Israel-Hamas war
  • Anonymous Arabia usually operates on the Dark Web, keeping a low profile for the most part

Despite working primarily on the Dark Web, Anonymous Arabia also has a public profile, posting on their Facebook page regularly. Their most recent attack on the Al Rajhi bank was politically motivated.

As stated by the organization itself, the attack was driven by Saudi Arabia’s refusal to cut the supply of oil to Israel, USA, and all of their allies. As Anonymous Arabia sees it this means that Saudi Arabia is actively fueling Israel’s war capabilities.

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Aside from direct attacks, Anonymous Arabia is also known to carry out threats and false flags. In many instances, the threats never materialize, as it was the case with Fawry, one of Egypt’s most prominent financial institutions.

Despite public announcements, the attack never materialized, as a subsequent internal investigation didn’t show any evidence of a cyberattack against Fawry.

A Fawry spokesperson stated that the servers showed no signs of any type of intrusion and the online broadcast and operations never stopped.

About Anonymous Arabia

Anonymous Arabia is a new actor on the cyberthreat scene and not much is known about the organization. Its motives, identity, and actual connections to any worldwide political actors remain unknown at this time.

Aside from its political statements regarding events and issues occurring in the Middle East, Anonymous Arabia also shown an interest in Western events.

One such event was linked to the organization revealing classified documents about Donald Trump and the Minneapolis police that were linked to George Floyd’s death.

Overall, the organization seems to be more interested in condemning Israel more than anything else. This transpires more clearly in Anonymous Arabia’s calls to delete Israel from the cyberspace and they’ve been carrying numerous threats and attacks to make that happen.

At the time being, the cybersecurity community is monitoring the situation, hoping to find out more about Anonymous Arabia.

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