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Anonymous Collective Issues Threats Against Greece

Alex Popa

By Alex Popa . 11 December 2023

Cybersecurity Journalist

Miklos Zoltan

Fact-Checked this

The Anonymous Collective hacker group announced that they’re preparing for an actual cyber attack campaign against Greek targets.

As the organization has stated in its original post, the attack isn’t against the people of Greece themselves, but Greek companies, banks, and other organizations instead.

  • Anonymous Collective shares many similarities and ideological drives with the original Anonymous Group
  • The upcoming attack on Greek targets is ideologically motivated, with the main drive being Greece taking Israel’s side in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict
  • The campaign is called OpGreece – OpIsrael and calls Israel a genocidal and apartheid state
  • Anonymous Collective also assures Greek citizens that the upcoming attacks are not meant to harm them

Anonymous Collective’s stance on the Israel-Hamas war is shared by numerous other threat actors, many of which have decided to act on it. Israel has suffered numerous cyberattacks and so have their supporters, whether they’re individuals, companies, or countries.

Many of these attacks are politically and ideologically motivated as is the case with Anonymous Collective’s series of hits. Regarding the group’s actual identity and modus operandi, little is known, but plenty is speculated.

Tweet showing the Anonymous Collective announcement

Anonymous Collective appears to be closely tied with the real Anonymous group, but it is unclear how close. It’s also unclear if the group is centralized, which would make it easier to eventually dismantle its structure.

Who is Anonymous Collective?

The association with the actual Anonymous group isn’t random. The organization’s name already does much of the work in that sense. Another smoking gun would be represented by the group’s ideological points, which seem similar to those of Anonymous itself.

Anonymous is one of the oldest cyber-threat actors, dating as far back as 2003. The organization started as an online movement against censorship, corruption, and governmental control and marketed itself as an anarchic, digitalized global brain. The group is decentralized and has members throughout the Globe, making it very difficult to poke holes in it.

This hasn’t discouraged governmental agencies from trying, though. Numerous people have been arrested in relation to Anonymous’s activity, including in the US, Spain, Turkey, India, and pretty much all over the globe.

Some call Anonymous modern-day Robin Hoods and freedom fighters, while others deem them as cyber terrorists. Whatever the case may be, Anonymous continues to influence major events on the world stage and influence the emergence of copycats. Anonymous Collective appears to be one of them.

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