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Anonymous Sudan Infiltrates Sirius XM Holdings

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 29 December 2023

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Anonymous Sudan hits the stage yet again, this time targeting an American entity. Sirius XM Holdings is a US broadcasting corporation in Manhattan, New York, and was targeted by the infamous cyber-threat actor recently.

  • Anonymous Sudan is a controversial cyber-criminal entity with pro-Islamic and pro-Russian ideologies
  • The attacks are almost always ideologically or politically motivated, although they also result in monetary gains at times
  • Sirius XM Holdings didn’t give any public statement regarding the recent attack
  • Anonymous Sudan posted evidence of the hit on their Telegram platform

Anonymous Sudan typically doesn’t care about financial incentives when choosing its targets. In the vast majority of cases, the victims are outed based on their anti-Russian or anti-Islamic stances.

The organization is self-declared anti-Westerner, targeting primarily the US and its allies and all European entities that show anti-Russian tendencies.

Tweet showing the Anonymous Sudan attack on Syrius XM Holdings

The recent attack aimed to paralyze the victim’s center of operations and inflict as much damage as possible. As is the case with most DDoS attacks, the goal is to make a statement. In this particular case, Anonymous Sudan didn’t make any.

But their intentions can be deduced, as the organization is clearly anti-American.

Who is Anonymous Sudan?

While Anonymous Sudan is a self-proclaimed pro-Islamic group with Sudanese ties, the latter hasn’t been confirmed. The group came to prominence in January of 2023, following an incident involving the burning of the Quran.

This, along with Anonymous Sudan’s open statement, led many to accept that the cyber-criminal organization nurtures pro-Islamic ideals. The group also promotes pro-Russian views and swore to attack Russia’s enemies wherever they may be.

Despite these details and the many efforts of unveiling the group’s real identity, Anonymous Sudan is still mostly shrouded in mystery. The group has shown ties with Killnet, the famous Russian hacktivist group, among others.

While Anonymous Sudan tends to conduct solo operations, it has often cooperated with other cyber-criminal entities in joint operations for greater effect.

An interesting perspective here: Anonymous Sudan started using Arabic in their public announcements only after people pointed out that they were only using Russian. Which was obviously weird for a self-proclaimed pro-Islamic group.

That’s also when the organization adopted a visible Sudanese dialect in their posts and deleted older posts, seemingly to cover their vulnerabilities. This has led many to believe that Anonymous Sudan is actually a Russian organization.

And that the group actually has no connection to the Islamic world in general or Sudan in particular.

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