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Anonymous Sudan Executes Massive DDoS Attack On Chad Telecom

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 29 February 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Anonymous Sudan announced a devastating DDoS attack on Chad’s Telecom infrastructure recently. The attack was coordinated along with InfraShutdown, one of the group’s long-standing mercenary partners.

  • The reason for the attack is unclear, but a theory indicates Chad’s mingling in Sudan’s civil war as a potential explanation
  • Anonymous Sudan is known to collaborate with other cybercriminal organizations to conduct more devastating operations
  • Chad officials haven’t commented on the event yet, but it is expected that they will shortly, given the magnitude of the attack
  • Following the attack, Chad’s Telecom infrastructure went offline, along with internet services across the state

This attack ranks as one of the most devastating, coming from Anonymous Sudan. Because of the collaboration with InfraShutdown, the group was able to inflict extensive damages and crash the entire Telecom service.

Anonymous Sudan is known to operate based on religious and political values. The organization paints itself as pro-Islam and pro-Russian, and all of its activity follows these two overarching ideas.

X showing the Anonymous Sudan attack on Chad

As to why the group attacked Chad specifically, we only have speculations. One of them refers to the civil war raging in Sudan since April of 2023. Chad has been taking in refugees, as more than 1.5 million people have fled the country.

The attack is a stark reminder that Anonymous Sudan has some strict Islamic affiliations and takes clear sides in the ongoing conflict.

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What Do We Know About Anonymous Sudan?

The organization took off in January of 2023 following far right activist Rasmus Palludan’s burning of the Quran. Palludan, who holds a double Danish and Swedish citizenship, resorted to the gesture to state his support for Sweden’s NATO membership.

The event itself sparked the inception of Anonymous Sudan, as stated by the organization itself, who then vowed to attack all of Islam’s enemies. But that’s where the controversy begins.

Some have suggested that this was a cover-up and that Anonymous Sudan wasn’t necessarily interested in protecting the reputation of Islam. Instead, its main goal was to protect and push Russian interests.

Those pushing this theory have provided some circumstantial evidence in support of the theory as well. One of them mentioned the fact that no clear evidence linked Anonymous Sudan to Islam or Sudan for that matter.

Another one highlighted the organization’s predilection for the Russian language in all of their Telegram posts. It sure seemed weird that a pro-Islamic cybercriminal gang would only use Russian in their posts. This soon became so glaring that the group itself noticed it.

Soon, Anonymous Sudan deleted all of their Russian posts and started a multi-lingual activity, with Arabic and Russian being the main languages. That being said, there is no clear evidence linking Anonymous Sudan to Russia or the Russian government.

What is clear is that the cybercriminal organization is very keen to push political and religious ideals and is willing to resort to massive organized hits to achieve them. This paints the organization as a very dangerous and resourceful one.

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