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Anonymous Sudan Targets OpenAI and ChatGPT

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 14 December 2023

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Anonymous Sudan, known for its political jobs and intense ideological statements, attacked OpenAI recently in a massive DDoS hit. Furthermore, it seems like this is the first of many to follow, all targeting OpenAI and ChatGPT specifically.

  • Anonymous Sudan continues to remain a mysterious threat actor, despite clear self-proclaimed goals
  • Anonymous Sudan claims it has ties with Sudan and has the goal of pushing pro-Islamic ideals
  • Despite this, the group’s true identity is still shrouded in mystery, with some suggesting Russian propaganda disguised as an Islamic group
  • The recent attack comes in the context of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, with Anonymous Sudan accusing Tal Broda of supporting genocide

Anonymous Sudan has expressed pro-Palestinian views on other occasions as well, the attack on OpenAI being the latest one. This time around, the organization accuses Tal Broda, the Head of Research, for expressing pro-Israelian views.

Anonymous Sudan sees this as supporting genocide, as the group showcases powerful anti-Israelian sentiments. According to the organization’s own statements, the attacks will continue until Tal Broda is fired from the position of Head of Research.

Tweet showing the Anonymous Sudan attack announcement on OpenAI

The attack that took place was a DDoS intrusion, rendering the program unavailable to users. The extent of the damages and whether there was any data leak is currently unclear.

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Who is Anonymous Sudan?

Anonymous Sudan first hit the public’s eye in the beginning of 2023, after which it was involved in several notable DDoS attacks. The organization is very vocal with its political and ideological affiliations, especially when it comes to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The attacks don’t aim for any financial gains, at least at surface level. Rather, it’s all meant to push the group’s ideals and political opinions. This brings legitimacy to the claim that the organization has strong Islamic ties.

Most of the attacks to date, including those in Sweden, Denmark, Israel, and even Australia, have some pro-Islamic ideological touch to them. That being said, Anonymous Sudan has collaborated with other Cyberthreat organizations on the side.

One of them is pro-Russian Killnet. The two groups appear to share some pro-Russian sentiment, especially since Anonymous Sudan has taken Russia’s side in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

This has led some to claim that Anonymous Sudan is either a Russian puppet, or an actual Russian organization in disguise. At the moment, the group’s true identity is still being investigated, as new attacks keep unfolding.

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