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Anonymous Sudan Targets the UAE

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 17 January 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Anonymous Sudan reaches UAE to hit Thuraya Communications. Thuraya is a mobile satellite service provider, ranking as one of the largest in the country.

  • The attack disrupted the victim’s normal operations and rendered their online platform unusable
  • The company restored its operations relatively fast, but it is presumed that the financial losses incurred were notable
  • Anonymous Sudan published evidence of the attack as soon as it happened, but didn’t give a clear reason
  • Anonymous Sudan is known for exhibiting pro-Islamic and pro-Russian views, so their activity is mostly meant to push ideological and political statements

Anonymous Sudan currently ranks as one of the most effective DDoS entities in the cybercriminal sphere. This organization has proven to be very powerful and resourceful, which suggests powerful investors or even governmental support.

Despite being relatively new, as Anonymous Sudan only became active in February of 2023, it grew fast and made a name for itself in the cybercrime world. The organization is now a feared DDoS actor with hundreds of victims in their name.

Tweet showing the Anonymous Sudan attack on the UAE company

Anonymous Sudan first came online following an incident in Sweden, involving a far-right activist who chose to do a public Quran burning. The group immediately stated its presence publicly, followed by a series of attacks on Sweden and Denmark.

Who Is Anonymous Sudan?

The common consensus is that Anonymous Sudan is a pro-Islamic organization, but some hint at problems with that theory. One obvious issue is that Anonymous Sudan’s initial public posts were all in Russian.

After the public started noticing their attacks, Anonymous Sudan not only stopped posting in Russian, but also deleted its Russian-written posts. The organization then started using Arabic and other languages, which suggests it was covering its tracks.

Anonymous Sudan has no connection to the (in)famous Anonymous group, despite the similarity in names. The group also operates differently, although it appears to be comparably as strong and resourceful.

This supports the idea that Anonymous Sudan may be backed by a specific governmental entity, Russia being one of the names thrown around. According to its own statements, the group is set to attack those who push negative views about Islam.

Anonymous Sudan also claimed to be just a group of self-funded hacktivist, which doesn’t seem to hold. One reason is that the group is known to use rentable servers to output their attacks.

This effectively boosts the DDoS flood, suggesting important financial backing, which doesn’t seem to be on par with a small group of rogue hackers.

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