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Anonymous Sudan Threatens the UAE with Cyberattack

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 2 December 2023

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Anonymous Sudan made it known that it plans to launch a massive cyberattack against the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but the specific targets haven’t been identified yet.

This new-coming cyber organization has already made a name for itself in several worldwide DDoS attacks and it doesn’t seem to want to stop there.

  • Anonymous Sudan first hit the public eye in January of 2023 and it’s been highly active ever since, hitting numerous targets over the year
  • Some of the most notable ones include countries like Sweden, UAE, Denmark, Australia, Germany, and even the US
  • Specialists suspect links between Anonymous Sudan and Killnet, a pro-Russian hacktivist group masked as an Islamist actor
  • The group has been highly active ever since its official “inception”, performing 1-4 attacks per month throughout the year

While the organization is still shrouded in mystery, there are speculations regarding its identity, motives, and drives. The Russian connection has been put forward on several occasions, despite the organization’s apparent identification markers.

As it turns out, Anonymous Sudan appears to have little-to-no connections to either Sudan or the actual Anonymous organization operating in that region.

Anonymous Sudan has posted its creeds in English, Russian, and Arabic, the latter only being used recently. This is one of the factors that fuel the idea of Anonymous Sudan being essentially a Russian puppet org.

Anonymous Sudan’s post about attacking the UAE

To further feed this narrative, Anonymous Sudan has often announced upcoming activity that was later carried on by Killnet, rather than Anonymous Sudan itself.

This is the case with the June 16 even, when Killnet targeted a series of Western financial entities, following Anonymous Sudan’s June 14 announcement.

Anonymous Sudan’s Activity

The organization is responsible for several high-profile DDoS attacks against Denmark, Sweden, and Netherlands throughout January and February, followed by another attack against Air France in March.

One of the most notable hits took place on 26th of April, when the organization claimed that it hit Benjamin Netanyahu’s website and Facebook account, rendering them inoperable for a while.

This was soon followed by several attacks on the Haifa Port, Mossad’s assets, the National Insurance Institute, and the Israel Port Development.

These attacks were followed by an even more worrying claim, on May 2nd, that Anonymous Sudan managed to temporarily deactivate Israel’s Iron Dome.

This allegedly allowed for more than a dozen of Hamas rockets to penetrate Israel’s air space and hit targets inside the country. To this date, the Israeli government hasn’t confirmed these claims.

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