Personal Data of 3 Million BitChute Users Sold on Hacker Forum

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 8 August 2022

Founder - Privacy Affairs


Personal data of close to 3 million BitChute users are being sold on a popular hacker forum for $4,000. The data is sold by a hacker or group of hackers known as Pompompurin.

The threat actor known as “Pompompurin” claims to possess personal data, including passwords, on a total of 2,988,494 users.

Pompompurin is willing to sell the whole database for $4,000.


  • A hacker known as Pompompurin is selling the personal data – including passwords – of close to 3 million BitChute users
  • Affected data includes usernames, full names, passwords, email addresses, websites, channel descriptions, registration, and latest IP address
  • Pompompurin is the same hacker or group of hackers who are suspected to be behind the 2021 FBI hack

After being analyzed, the hacker released a sample that suggests that the information and the leak are genuine.

Pompompurin did not disclose how they obtained this data.

Pompompurin is also suspected to be behind the November 2021 FBI data breach.

The breach affects a total of 2,988,494 users of the streaming platform BitChute.

The information includes usernames, full names, passwords, email addresses, websites, channel descriptions, registration, latest IP address, YouTube Channel ID, and date joined.

BitChute Data Breach

We have reached out to BitChute for comments on this alleged data breach.

Pompompurin was behind the November 2021 FBI hack

Pompompurin is a hacker or group of hackers who, in the recent past, was responsible for a series of high-profile hacks and data breaches. They are usually active on various dark web forums.

In November 2022, hackers breached an FBI email server sending out fake emails to over 100,000 recipients.

Pompompurin claimed responsibility for this attack in an interview given to security researcher Brian Krebs.

Connection to the 2021 Robinhood data breach

Pompompurin is also responsible for a 2021 high-profile data breach against the trading platform Robinhood.

In November 2021, the popular trading platform Robinhood was hacked. Robinhood released a statement acknowledging the hack and disclosing what type of data was affected.

On November 10, on a popular hacker forum, Pompompurin claimed that Robinhood’s statement was incomplete and the trading company didn’t disclose that ID card data was also affected in the hack.

This hinted that Pompompurin was also responsible for the Robinhood hack.

Contacted by Privacy Affairs, a Robinhood spokesperson confirmed that ID cards were indeed exposed but affected only a few individuals.

Robinhood confirming this information indicated that Pompompurin’s claims on the hacker forum appear to be accurate and that he or they were behind the attack.

What is BitChute?

BitChute is an alt-tech video hosting service created in 2017. It is known for hosting controversial content, such as conspiracy theories and extremist political ideologies, that usually are banned on other platforms such as YouTube.

BitChute was also accused of hosting content classified as misinformation during the pandemic.

BitChute Data Breach

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  • Melahi

    August 28, 2022 4:05 pm

    Why don’t platforms like Bitchute and BNT store and check passwords in encrypted form so that there is no reverse decryption? That would make it useless for hackers.

    • Miklos Zoltan

      September 7, 2022 11:03 am

      I guess many companies just don’t take security that seriously, unfortunately.

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