Top Cybersecurity Conferences in 2023

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By Shanika W. . 25 November 2022

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Are you a keen follower of Cybersecurity willing to learn more about its global trends from industry experts?

Then you need to plan to attend next year’s thrilling cybersecurity conferences organized and hosted by the world’s leading cybersecurity experts.

Below is a list of 20 conferences you don’t want to miss in 2023.

Over the years, the world has experienced cyberattacks at unprecedented volumes, and experts predict even more devastating attacks in the future.

However, taking the necessary precautions can minimize or evict that damage.

So, let’s find out about some exciting conferences happening worldwide, shall we?

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, London

This conference happens annually in various locations such as London, Dubai, and Singapore. In 2023 the meeting will take place in London from 26-28 September. At the time of writing, organizers are yet to release their agenda for 2023.

In the previous edition in 2022, attendees uncovered key long-term essential requirements, including building a simplified cybersecurity mesh architecture, a human-centric protection culture, devolving risk responsibility, and establishing an agile security program.

The attendees had access to 150 sessions that covered the needs of the future of security and risk management leaders. All the session findings were the work of the Gartner research team.

European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference

This summit’s primary goal is to bring together academics and practitioners from throughout Europe to exchange knowledge on cybersecurity and related topics.

Until the 2019 European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference (EICC) was called the Central European Cybersecurity Conference (CECC). To emphasize the conference’s interdisciplinarity and increase its reach, CECC has undergone a rebranding.

This year’s conference encourages conversation between cybersecurity experts and scholars in disciplines around cybersecurity like sociology, criminology, behavioral sciences, investigations, and law.

The panel also urges authors from interdisciplinary sections to contribute.

The authors should submit their research papers by 15th January 2023 and limit the content to six pages.

Black Hat USA 2023

Black Hat USA for more than 16 years, has provided its attendees with the most relevant and technical cybersecurity information across the globe in a highly vendor-neutral environment.

The type of information they provide includes security research, trends, and the latest developments in the industry.

This event brings together the best minds in the industry whose content is tailor-made to the requirements of the security community.

Black Hat fosters growth and cooperation among academics, top researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors and motivates professionals at all career levels.

You can obtain further information from its website on participating in the event.

Defcon Cybersecurity Conference

This international standard conference is held in August each year in Nevada, Las Vegas. It’s ideal for any cybersecurity fanatic considering a career move to it or already in the industry.

Many of its attendees are journalists, lawyers, security researchers, federal employees, and hackers interested in software, hardware modifications, and anything that can be hacked.

The conference includes challenges and competitions connected to cyber-security and other tracks of presenters discussing computer and hacking-related topics (known as hacking wargames).

The competitions hosted throughout the festival are incredibly diverse. They can include finding the most extended Wi-Fi connection or finding the best technique to keep a beer cold in the scorching Nevada sun.

International Conference on Cybersecurity and Hacking ICCH

This conference in Tokyo, Japan, from 9-10 January 2023, is a great chance to interact with top experts and academics in cybersecurity to exchange and share knowledge about cybersecurity research and hacking.

Additionally, it offers a world-class multidisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and debate the most recent advancements, concerns, trends, real-world challenges the users confront, and their ideal solutions in hacking and cybersecurity professions.

The program also calls upon authors to contribute to the forum by submitting their abstracts, e-posters, and papers.

These submissions should meet the conference’s themes and topics and include figures, tables, and references to cutting-edge research resources.

You can find further details regarding author guidelines and the entire program here.

International Conference on Cybersecurity and Common Problems (ICCCP) in Sydney, Australia

This ICCP conference will occur in Sydney from January 30-31, 2023. Its primary target is to bring academic scientists, researchers, and scholars researchers collectively into a single platform to discuss, present and share experiences about the common cybersecurity pitfalls across the globe.

Furthermore, it will also be the standard platform for the experts to discuss the recent tendencies, concerns, and innovations in the cybersecurity field and the challenges and solutions they’ve adopted.

Similar to the above conference, this conference also asks for participants and experts in the field to submit abstracts,e-posts, and papers. You can find further details about the program and submission details here.

RSA Conference USA 2023

This is a conference that cybersecurity geeks should attend. In 2023 the event is scheduled for April 24 to 27 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

This conference is a lifetime opportunity to learn from cybersecurity experts and meet and network with new people to forge new business relationships.

You’ll hear from industry experts in the IT sector, Finance, Banking, Accounts, Insurance, and others on sophisticated cybersecurity trends, products, services, and breakthroughs.

This year the event attracted 26,000 attendees. The 2023 events will focus on topics such as challenging the current thinking in cybersecurity, Knowledge in security, and the power of opportunity. To learn more about the conference, visit this page.

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe

This event will focus on protecting your infrastructure and data from frequently occurring cyberattacks.

Its website recently announced that the conference will take place from 26th-28th September 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic. The website has also placed a contact page for whoever is willing to speak and present at the event.

For protecting the infrastructure, this program will produce and review discussions about the threat to critical infrastructures, including transport, energy, and telecom, which form the nucleus of driving factors behind a country’s economy.

Then to protect data in these systems, there are discussion opportunities with plenary sessions.

International Conference on Cybersecurity, Cyberwar, and Cyberthreats (ICCCC)- Bali, Indonesia

ICCCC event will run from January 14-15 in Bali, Indonesia, and aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to discuss and exchange their research activities related to cybersecurity, cyberwar, and cyberthreats comprehensively.

Additionally, it offers an outstanding multidisciplinary forum for scholars, practitioners, and educators to debate the most recent advancements, concerns, trends, real-world difficulties that users of IT systems confront, and solutions for them concerning cybersecurity, cyberwar, and cyber threats.

Similar to the programs in Tokyo and Sydney, this conference calls upon authors to submit their research work before December 15, 2022. You can find the registration process along with numerous other useful links here.

Latest Insights into Risk Management, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Security by Gartner - Sydney, Australia

Gartner experts will conduct this conference from March 28-29 in Sydney, Australia, which will help the participants to find critical solutions to their major pain points concerning diverse cybersecurity areas.

They’ll start with critical topics mentioned on this page, where the attendees can decide which are most important.

This conference’s primary goal is to manage a broader range of risks by looking beyond conventional methods of monitoring security, detection, and reaction.

You”ll hear from Gartner experts ranging from senior director analysts to VP analysts. The conference has a separate page for registration that lists the prices and steps to register.

Zero TrustWorld23

February 01-03, 2023, is a chance for you to attend the brightest cybersecurity conference, where you’ll hear from industry professionals and guests on topics relevant to cybersecurity.

In addition, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn cybersecurity concepts with hands-on exercises and live hacking demonstrations.

As a result, you”ll get a chance to network with the finest in the industry, learn together, and become a better cybersecurity professional as you know then what tools and techniques the hackers use to bypass the security mechanisms.

You can find out about your investment and how you can register through their website. Venue information is also available here separately.

The Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

There are two instances of the same conference happening in two locations on separate dates—one in Wilmington, NC, and the other in Pasadena, CA.

These events are an excellent opportunity to integrate with digital forensics and cybersecurity professionals. The goal is to increase global knowledge of digital forensics and IT security innovations, education, training, responsibilities, and ethics.

For the last 23 years, this conference has been the most significant gathering for private and government sector employees keen on digital forensics.

It’s, however, more than a conference, as you mingle and laugh with the greatest experts in the industry while learning much more than a thing or two in digital forensics.

The Security of Things Forum

For those with a strong interest in the IoT (Internet of Things), this is the ideal forum to hear from heavyweights in the industry on securing your IoT devices.

You can fill out the form on their conference page for further information about the forum.

For the previous forums, many guest speakers and industry professionals have participated, grabbing media attention.

This event, by and large, focuses on securing your IoT devices as hackers have found ways to exploit their vulnerabilities to launch cyberattacks. So although there will be growth in IoT at a rapid rate, it’s essential to secure them.

44th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

Since 1980 the conference has taken place, and this year everything is set for the event to occur from May 22-24th at the Hyatt Regency San Fransisco.

On 25th May the workshop will begin at the same venue. Their primary focus is to present the latest computer security and electronic privacy developments and bring together researchers and practitioners in the field.

The event calls for paper submissions for a range of topics they’ve outlined on their web page.

You can find the other details on this page, including a list of speakers.

International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS)

This conference will take place on 9 – 10 March 2023 in Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland, USA, with a hybrid approach. It implies that they will physically conduct the meeting with the option of virtual participation.

They invite the participants to submit abstracts and papers within the deadline, which you can check here.

The conference’s main objective is to discuss and present research relevant to cybersecurity in the form of case histories, empirical studies other theoretical and practical contributions.

Over the past years, academics, military professionals, and practitioners have attended it, giving candidates with doctoral degrees an opportunity to network.

National Cyber Summit 2023 Huntsville, Alabama

The National Cyber Summit is considered one of the most cutting-edge cybersecurity events in the USA.

It primarily targets industry visionaries that can be rising leaders in the near future by providing educational, interactive, and workforce development opportunities.

According to the organizers, the main focus of this conference is education, collaboration, and innovation.

The event will take place from 20-21st September.

An outstanding feature of this conference is that it offers a wide range of topics, an exceptional lineup of speakers, and unique accessibility. Therefore, it adds more value than comparable cyber conferences.

As Alabama is the country’s most significant technical hub, this summit undoubtfully attracts participants in government and commercial sectors.

To register for this event, please follow this link.

ENISA Cybersecurity Standardisation Conference 2023, Brussels

ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity for the 7th time, will join forces with CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI to provide you with a hybrid Cybersecurity Standardisation Conference.

The critical areas of discussion will be to ensure that the policymakers, industry, research, and organizations implement the EU Cybersecurity decree.

As ENISA ensures a high level of cybersecurity for all digital assets across Europe, it’ll be an excellent opportunity for you to gain knowledge on EU cyber policies, the reliability of ICT products, cybersecurity certification programs, and collaboration with EU institutions.

This year’s event attracted 3000 registered experts. All the registration information is available here.

Conference on Healthcare Payment Systems and Medical Payment Data

This conference will commence from January 18 to 19th, 2023, in Rome, Italy. The primary objective of this conference is to address the security of the healthcare payment systems when someone executes a transaction through it.

The conference aims to bring prominent academic scientists, research scholars, and researchers to present their comprehensive findings on healthcare payment systems and the security of medical payment data.

It’ll also discuss medical payment systems’ challenges and the ideal solutions.

The conference calls for anyone keen on submitting an abstract, papers, and e-posters. You can find all the relevant details here.

Global Cyber Conference -Swiss Cyber Institue

Global Cyber Conference will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, from 14-15th September 2023. It is a leading cybersecurity and privacy event with two days of deep panel discussions and presentations concerning current and future cybersecurity affairs and data protection.

There “ll be over 40 unique sessions with over 50 speakers and over 300 top international companies. This is the only international cybersecurity conference in Switzerland.

This is a great event focusing on sharing knowledge without any sales pitches. Furthermore, you can network with the best global leaders in the industry.

You can find further information about this conference on their web page.

Conference on Military Satellite Communication and Cyber Security

This is the ideal conference for those keen on military satellite communication and cybersecurity. The meeting will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from January 21-23.

There are grey areas regarding the secureness of military communications over satellites. Therefore it is vital to secure them before the data or the information gets into the wrong hands.

Leading researchers, research scholars, and academics in military communication and cyber security will present their research on the latest trends, innovations, challenges, and solutions to those challenges.

The conference calls for contributors to present papers, abstracts, and e-posters to present in the forum.

You can find the registration fees, process, and other details here.


After going through this article, you now have a clear image of the cybersecurity conferences and events happening around the globe.

As you’re keen on the current and future trends in cyber security, this is an excellent opportunity for you to network with some of the industry giants and enhance your knowledge in the domain.

Cyber security is critical for almost all the digital industries that use ICT systems for information storage and retrieval.

Without securing such information systems, your data is not secure and prone to cyberattacks. This is even true for the latest upcoming technologies as IoT.

So keep learning and enhance your knowledge by attending these events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I attend cybersecurity conferences and events?

In the current digital era, cybersecurity is a persistent issue. One method businesses may learn to keep their enterprises safe is by attending cybersecurity conferences.

Can I submit a research paper without having working experience in cybersecurity?

Yes, you can submit without working experience. Google Scholar is an ideal place to discover what researchers have written and develop a new concept.

How expensive is a ticket for a cybersecurity conference?

Some conferences may have ultimate packages with prices starting from over $1000 or equivalent, which gives access to the entire conference. There are also passes for each day, starting from $400 upwards.

Can I attend a cybersecurity conference without technical knowledge?

Yes, you certainly can. Having a non-technical background is frequently advantageous in cybersecurity since it allows you to provide unique experiences and viewpoints that the industry requires.

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