How Can I Delete My Wi-Fi History? – 2 Quick Methods You Can Use

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By Miklos Zoltan . 11 February 2024

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Deleting your browser history on your devices doesn’t wipe away all the records of what you did online. Other than your ISP, your Wi-Fi router still has this information.

Depending on your router, you can find a log of all the sites you have visited, associated IP addresses, bandwidth used, and connected devices.

In this guide, I will show you how you can delete your Wi-Fi history on your router using two methods.

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Summary: Clearing the browser history from your devices doesn’t fully remove traces of your internet activities; your Wi-Fi router retains this information as well.

This article guides you on how to purge your Wi-Fi history from your router through two approaches: accessing the router’s portal and performing a router reset.

It also emphasizes the importance of clearing your Wi-Fi history and recommends employing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a measure to enhance your online privacy and security.

Use the Router Portal

This is the correct way of deleting your Wi-Fi history from the router. To use this method, you must know your router’s default IP address, username, and password.

Look at the back of your router for this information. If you have changed the username and password, ensure you use the new credentials.

If you have all the requirements, proceed as follows:

1. Log into your router

Connect your device to your router via Wi-Fi or ethernet and launch any browser on your device.

Enter your router’s IP address on the URL and wait for the login page to load. Then, enter your router’s credentials and log in.

Most routers’ IP addresses are or, or You can also find your router’s IP address on connected devices such as Windows and Macs.

Open the command prompt (CMD) on Windows, type ipconfig, and enter. Look at the connected adapter and check the default gateway, which is your router’s IP address.

On Mac, go to system preferences, and then Network, check the active connection (Wi-Fi or LAN) or under the TCP/IP tab for the default gateway IP address.

2. Find your router’s Wi-Fi history

On the home dashboard or the navigation bar, look for the System log or Administrative Event log tab. You can find this tab on the advanced settings or system settings.

Click on the tab to open the log’s page.

3. Clear/delete the logs

Depending on your router, the log page should allow you to clear and delete the logs. Other routers allow you to back up or delete logs for specific connected devices.

You should familiarize yourself with your router’s dashboard and know various settings and options.

Reset Your Router

This is the last resort if you have changed your router’s username and password and don’t remember the details correctly.

Note: resetting your router will return the router to its factory state. A reset will clear all the configurations, including your Wi-Fi history, Wi-Fi settings, and the custom router username and password.

For modem routers, you can call your ISP and ask them to provide you with the current username and password.

Otherwise, if you factory reset some modem routers, you need to call your ISP to activate your connection and other configurations.

To reset your router, locate a small reset hole at the back of your router. There’s a reset button inside.

Next, look for a match stick or a paper clip, insert it into the hole, and long press for about 1o to 20 seconds to initiate a hard reset (the router lights should flash).

Is It Necessary to Delete My Wi-Fi History?

You should delete the browser history if you are suspicious about your privacy. Sometimes it is unnecessary since some routers can automatically be configured to clear the logs after a set period.

Additionally, use a VPN to protect your online privacy and security. The router will only log your connection details, such as the timestamp and the bandwidth used.

Sensitive details such as the sites you visited won’t be logged.

Wrap Up

Deleting your Wi-Fi router history is one way to keep your online activities private from prying eyes at the router level.

Nonetheless, your ISP and other online parties will still know what you did online. To get total privacy and security, use a premium VPN.

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