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Discord Falls Victim to Anonymous Sudan

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 17 December 2023

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Discord was hit by Anonymous Sudan in a test attack that didn’t inflict any real damages beyond forcing the app to go offline. The attack was performed in collaboration with Skynet and Godzilla Botnet.

  • The evidence of the attack was posted by Anonymous Sudan on their public platform
  • According to the preliminary information, the purpose of the attack was simply to test out the app’s defenses and how fast and well they can be infiltrated
  • As a result of the infection, Discord lost its login functionality, rendering users unable to connect anymore
  • The situation reverted back to normal shortly

The attack seems out-of-place for Anonymous Sudan, who is known to make political statements with their hits. Anonymous Sudan doesn’t appear to have any connection to the actual Anonymous group, outside the name similarity.

The organization is a self-proclaimed pro-Islamic group, who’s goal is to target anti-Islamic nations and organizations. They also show pro-Russian sentiment, which led many to link the group to Russian hacktivist organizations.

Tweet showing the Anonymous Sudan attack on Discord

Discord officials didn’t make any official statement regarding the attack, but counteractive measures have been deployed. Which is why Discord came back online shortly.

How Anonymous Sudan Operates

The real identity of Anonymous Sudan remains unknown, but their motives and ideologies are clear and explicit. Anonymous Sudan is a pro-Islamic and pro-Russian hacktivist group that specializes in DDoS attacks.

It doesn’t seem to aim for any immediate financial gains. Rather, it aims to disrupt their victims’ operations and structural integrity as much as possible.

Anonymous Sudan first appeared in January of 2023 on a Russian-speaking Telegram channel, following the public burning of the Quran in Sweden. Despite the organization only expressing pro-Islamic sentiments, many also linked it to Russia.

This is partly due to the fact that the group has been very active on Russian Telegram channels and because of its stance on the Russia-Ukraine war. Anonymous Sudan has been a very vocal anti-Ukrainian and anti-Israeli group.

The lack of financial incentives also suggests powerful financial backing, allowing the group to operate without restrictions. Given Anonymous Sudan’s overarching scope and high-profile targets, such financial support can only come from mammoth investors.

Despite the organization’s deep involvement in the global affairs, it’s still unclear who operates it. The Russian connection is only theoretical and efforts are constantly being made to dig into the group’s ranks and financial and political backing.

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