Hackers Seem to Have Compromised Equifax’s Email System, Sending Out Emails in Support of Arrested Cybercriminal

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By Miklos Zoltan . 4 April 2023

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An unknown hacker or group of hackers appears to have compromised the email system of Equifax. The hackers have sent out an email with the subject line “Free Pompompurin.”

Pompompurin, real name Conor Brian FitzPatrick, is a cybercriminal recently arrested by the FBI for allegedly being the mastermind behind the cybercriminal forum Breached.



Hackers appear to have compromised the email system of Equifax

The hackers have sent out an email in support of recently arrested cybercriminal Equifax

The content of the email appears to be a cryptocurrency scam attempt

On 3 April, a number of screenshots started to spread on Twitter and Telegram, purporting to be sent from the American credit reporting agency Equifax.

The email had the headline “Free Pompompurin”. Pompompurin, who goes by the real name Conor Brian FitzPatrick is an alleged American cybercriminal recently arrested for allegedly being the mastermind behind an underground hacker forum.

The alleged email’s content appears to be an attempt to scam people into transferring cryptocurrency into the hackers’ wallets.

The email claims that if people send cryptocurrencies to an indicated wallet, the cryptocurrencies will be doubled and sent back to the original sender.

Here is a screenshot of the alleged email header:

Equifax email breach

And this is what the text body of the email looked like:

Equifax email breach

If the alleged emails are genuine, it appears that someone may have been able to compromise the email system of Equifax.

Incidentally, this is also something that the alleged cybercriminal Pompompurin did more than a year ago, when he managed to compromise the FBI’s email system and sent out fake emails to around 100,000 recipients.

Who is Pompompurin

Pompompurin, whose real name is Conor Brian FitzPatrick, is a 20-year-old American who is currently under arrest by the FBI. FitzPatrick is allegedly behind the now-defunct cybercrime forum Breached.vc.

BreachedForums has operated since March 2022 and has become the main hub for trading various illegally obtained data, such as leaked databases of businesses and government agencies, as well as the personal information of individuals.

Pompompurin was allegedly the mastermind behind the forum, and it’s claimed that he personally facilitated the sale of illegally obtained and confidential information as well as personally conducted hacking operations.

In 2021 Pompompurin was alleged to have compromised the email system of the FBI and sent out fake emails to around 100,000 recipient addresses.

Unsurprisingly, after this event, he became a major FBI target, which ultimately resulted in his arrest in March 2023.

It is not currently known who is behind this claimed attack against Equifax.

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