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Hunters International Infiltrates Bradford Health Care

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 5 January 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Hunters International ransomware breached Bradford Health, causing an operations blackout and leading to important data leaks. The total extent of the damages is currently unknown.

  • Bradford Health has 354 employees and a revenue of approximately $110 million, making this a major cyberattack
  • Hunters International is one of the most recent cyberhacking actors, having emerged in the 3rd quarter of 2023
  • Despite its recent emergence, Hunters International has already revealed some of its secrets
  • Experts agree that the organization was formed out of the remains of the Hive, one of the most dangerous ransomware groups ever

Hunters International hasn’t been involved in too many attacks, primarily because it’s still a newly formed organization. But the second reason is the scrutiny it has endured ever since its conception.

Experts have followed the group’s development and activity since it came public and already have a good idea about its operations structure. Recent reports have identified Hunters International as operating based on the former Hive cartel’s structure.

Tweet showing the Hunters International attack on the Bradford Health Care

Hunters International denied the claims, which was to be expected. Intelligence analysts declared that 60% of Hunter International’s code overlaps to that of Hive’s. According to preliminary reports, the Hive cartel may no longer be active.

This is the result of an aggressive FBI campaign that presumably forced the Hive leader to move its assets into a new brainchild. This is how Hunters International was born.

How Hunters International Works

The group has a similar MO to Hive and all of the other ransomware organizations. After infiltrating the victim’s systems, the ransomware program clones, downloads, and encrypts critical data. The general website operations often reach to a halt.

The victim will also receive a ransom letter, along with indications on how to contact Hunters International representatives on the Tor network. There, the victim has 2 options: pay the ransom or refuse, in which case Hunters will leak the data online.

Subsequent investigation revealed that, instead of Hunters International being simply a rebranded version of Hive, they are actually a new actor entirely. This is currently the most supported theory.

All the evidence collected to this point shows that the new group rather uses Hive infrastructure and software tools, but not their entire ecosystem. This gives credence to the idea that Hive was forced to dissolve due to the intense legal heat.

As a result, the organization broke into pieces and was forced to sell its assets to the highest bidder.

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    January 31, 2024 8:33 pm

    Was protected health information breached. Are there any lawsuits from clients?

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