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NoName Breaches 2 ‘Russophobic Countries’

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 21 May 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName continues its relentless crusade against those it deems enemies of the Russian state. The pro-Russian cybercriminal gang announced several breaches spread out between the UK and Finland.

  • The gang has hit targets such as the Finnish Energy Industry Association, the Port of Oulu, and the UK’s MoneyHelper
  • The hackers posted a mocking note on their public website, stating that more attacks will follow
  • NoName is currently the most versatile, dangerous, and active cybercriminal group in the world
  • The organization has produced victims at a steady pace, with new names coming out every day

These recent attacks have been motivated by the UK’s and Finland’s involvement in the Ruso-Ukrainian affairs. NoName has been an active pro-Russian voice ever since its inception in March of 2022. The gang has declared war on all those who oppose Russia.

This includes Ukraine, as well as all of its supporters and allies. The cybercriminal group has conducted numerous operations against high-profile targets spread across the world. The hackers prioritize governmental institutions, looking to hit the most sensitive ones.

X showing the NoName attack on the multiple websites

The UK has been an ardent supporter of Ukraine in the ongoing war. The country has provided the Ukrainian government with considerable aid, both military and humanitarian.

The most recent commitment has seen Prime Minister Rishi Sunak signing off a $3 billion military package to serve Ukraine’s war efforts. Finland doesn’t reach that number, but its involvement in the ongoing conflict is noticeable anyway.

The Finnish government has provided Ukraine with at least 770 million euros since the beginning of the war. The country has also allocated 30 million to 2023 and another 290-million-euro package for 2024-2028.

Naturally, these numbers don’t sit well with NoName, which is known to target Ukraine’s supporters almost exclusively.

How Dangerous is NoName?

Currently, the pro-Russian cybercriminal gang ranks as the most active and competent in the world. Few other cybercriminal organizations can reach NoName’s level of activity and aptitude. The gang has been producing victims daily for over 2 years in a row.

The standard MO relies on bots to conduct DDoS attacks against the target websites. The goal is to overwhelm the website with requests, which eventually causes it to crash, sometimes with long-lasting effects. The goal is to impact the victim’s online operations.

And send a message.

It’s important to note that NoName’s attacks aren’t particularly destructive. But they aren’t meant to be, to begin with. NoName’s goal is to produce as many victims as possible and keep its victims on edge.

If it so happens that the attacks also result in more extensive damages or even information leaks, so be it. But NoName isn’t using a lot of resources and manpower; rather, it sticks to poking its victims with standard DDoS attacks.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t always the case. The gang has resorted to numerous other tactics to send their message. These include blackmail, character assassination, information theft, threats, and so on.

They’ve also used affiliates and collaborated with other cybercriminal actors like KillNet and Russia’s Cyber Army to breach more prominent targets.

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