NoName Breaches Ukraine

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By Bogdan Pătru . 20 May 2024

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NoName announced another important operation against Ukrainian targets. The cybercriminal gang breached institutions like the State Tax Service and the Western Interregional Tax Administration.

  • NoName is a pro-Russian gang that’s always looking for targets and conducting DDoS operations across the globe
  • Ukraine is one of the preferred targets due to the ongoing Ruso-Ukrainian war
  • NoName’s goal is to instill fear into all of Russia’s enemies, starting with Ukraine and ending with its supporting nations
  • The gang typically relies on DDoS breaches to take the target websites offline

NoName’s attacks are generally mild, as they rely on DDoS bots to overwhelm the website with spam requests. This causes the website to crash, but victims usually get it back up again shortly. This is by design.

NoName prefers to sacrifice inflicting a lot of damage in exchange for hitting more victims more frequently. The hackers want to make a statement, so they need to keep themselves busy 24/7. This is why they’re always looking for targets.

Because of this approach, they cannot afford to invest a lot of time and resources into conducting complex operations. They would rather keep it simple and make their point across with minimal efforts.

X showing the NoName attack on Ukraine

Ukrainian officials have commented on the recent attacks, but this is hardly newsworthy material. NoName has been attacking Ukrainian targets regularly since the beginning of the war.

Other noticeable targets include Poland, Moldova, Romania, the Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, and numerous others. The main criterion for attack is the pro-Ukrainian stance. NoName hackers prioritize those who support Ukraine’s war efforts.

How NoName Operates

The pro-Russian hacking group came to power in March of 2022, shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The hackers pledged allegiance to the Moscow regime and got to work immediately. The organization appears to be very resourceful and capable.

NoName has conducted thousands of successful operations across the entire planet, prioritizing governmental institutions. It’s unclear how the gang operates from an internal standpoint, but there are some hints.

Anonymous leaks hinted at an almost military-like structure. The operators are required to highlight and breach between 5 and 15 targets per day, which is an exorbitant number. Even more impressive is the fact that they usually manage to get close to the top end.

It’s not uncommon for NoName to breach 7-10 targets during one operation, sometimes spread across 2 or more countries. This level of activity is hard to equal, as it generally requires consistent funding and competent manpower. Which NoName doesn’t appear to lack.

Some have suggested that this shows governmental support, hinting at Russia as the benefactor. While this isn’t a mind-blowing proposition, given Russia’s record, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Until that happens, NoName is likely self-funded.

The gang also appears to rely on affiliates and joins forces with other cybercriminal gangs to minimize costs and improve efficiency. This makes NoName a highly versatile and dangerous organization that makes a visible impact in the cyber-sphere.

If you qualify as a potential target for the infamous pro-Russian gang, this might be the perfect time to invest in your cyber defenses.

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