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NoName Causes Multiple Victims in Lithuania

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 29 March 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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Pro-Russian cybercriminal gang, NoName, targeted the Lithuanian government, causing at least 4 confirmed victims. NoName justified the attack by mentioning Lithuania’s involvement in the Ruso-Ukrainian conflict.

  • The 4 confirmed targets are Klaipeda City Municipality, Central Public Procurement Information System, Association of Lithuanian Shipbuilders and Repairers, and AD Rem Transport
  • Neither of the victims involved in the attack made any public statements on the event
  • NoName posted evidence of the attacks on their public platform, along with a mocking text accusing Lithuania of anti-Russian sentiments
  • NoName currently ranks as the most infamous, dangerous, and active pro-Russian cybercriminal group in the world

Politically and ideologically driven cybernetic attacks are nothing new, especially in the Russian cyber-sphere. However, despite a clear pro-Russian stance, NoName has never been clearly linked to the Russian government.

The organization first emerged in March of 2022 to take a stance in favor of the Moscow regime. NoName announced its pro-Russian ideology with the first public post and went to work almost immediately. The gang hit numerous countries across Ukraine at first.

It then turned its attention to Ukraine’s allies, often managing to hit up to 12 targets per day or even more.

X showing the NoName attacks on Lithuania

NoName’s primary MO revolves around using bots to flood and overwhelm the target website with requests. This will cause it to crash, often inflicting lasting damage. In some cases, the victims worked days or even weeks to restore their systems.

However, NoName’s goal isn’t necessarily to inflict debilitating damages but rather to spread fear and panic. The gang will prioritize quantity over quality, as it prefers to hit multiple targets at once, even if that comes at the cost of lower damages.

What Does NoName Want?

The cybercriminal organization has no other goal than to silence those whom they view as anti-Russian. The group has resorted to extreme tactics to achieve its goals, including sending actual letters to some of the victims.

This was especially the case during the group’s initial months of activity when NoName sent threatening letters to major representatives of Ukrainian mass media. The letters were supposed to intimidate and silence them.

Other reported methods include DDoS attacks, blackmail, and spreading misinformation and propaganda whenever possible. NoName also collaborates with other pro-Russian cybercriminal entities to conduct more far-reaching operations.

Some of these include XakNet and Killnet, which are notoriously pro-Russian and anti-West. The groups engage in numerous cybercriminal activities, including ransomware breaches.

NoName motivated this recent attack via a public Telegram post where they accused the Lithuanian government of aiding Ukraine in the ongoing conflict.

According to the OP, Laurynas Kaciunas, the Lithuanian Minister of Defense, met with his Ukrainian counterpart, Rustem Umerov. During the talk, the Lithuanian Minister strengthened the relationship with the Ukrainian representative.

Lithuania currently ranks as one of Ukraine’s largest supporters, with up to 76% of the population supporting the country’s decision. Data shows that Lithuania has already delivered in excess of 1 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine.

In addition to that, subsequent initiatives raised tens of millions of dollars, which allowed for the delivery of additional military equipment. This includes a Bayraktar drone, radars, anti-drone systems, and military drones., as well as humanitarian aid.

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