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NoName Conducts Multiple Attacks on Slovenia

Bogdan Pătru

By Bogdan Pătru . 13 April 2024

Tech Writer

Alex Popa

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Today has been a busy day for NoName, as the notorious cybercriminal gang has produced multiple victims. Not only that but the attacks were spread out across 2 massive operations, both targeting Slovenian institutions.

  • NoName has made a name for itself in the ongoing Ruso-Ukrainian war after the hackers pledged allegiance to the Russian government
  • The organization’s sole aim is to support Russia and attack and discredit all those who either oppose it or support Ukraine in the ongoing conflict
  • No Slovenian official has commented on the recent attacks, but one may come later, given the severity and magnitude of NoName’s operations
  • The hackers targeted several high-profile institutions, including the Constitutional Court, the State Council, and the President’s own website

NoName is notorious for operating with impunity and hitting high-value governmental and public institutions. The hackers aren’t necessarily interested in causing a lot of damage. Instead, they’re interested in making a statement.

This appears to be NoName’s sole purpose for existing. The cybercriminal gang first came out publicly in March 2022, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine. The hackers stated their loyalty to the Russian regime and declared war on its opponents.

They then started an uninterrupted string of attacks against Ukraine and its allies that is ongoing today. NoName typically hits multiple targets per day, sometimes more than 10 and this is by design. Their policy is quantity over quality.

X showing the NoName attack on Slovenia

As to the reasons behind these 2 cybercriminal operations, NoName themselves gave us a hint. Slovenia has been on Ukraine’s side since the beginning of the war, sending humanitarian and military aid multiple times.

Natasa Pirc Musar has also reinforced this policy numerous times, including recently, by stating that Slovenia will remain by Ukraine’s side for the years to come. This alone wouldn’t be enough to turn Slovenia into a target practice for NoName.

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Who Is NoName?

Nothing is clear aside from the fact that NoName is a pro-Russian cybercriminal gang. They are fully invested in the destruction of Russia’s allies, whether they are foreign governments, or private corporations showing pro-Ukrainian affinities.

Other than that, everything about NoName is uncertain, including its affiliations, structure, or manpower. What is certain is that NoName is a very capable group and currently ranks as the most aggressive, resourceful, and well-equipped in the world.

According to unconfirmed anonymous leaks, NoName operates almost based on a military-like structure. The operators adhere to strict goals and are constantly looking for potential victims. They’re also required to produce at a minimum of 5 targets daily.

This explains why NoName is so effective and active and how it can hit multiple targets across different countries and even continents. But is there a way to protect yourself against NoName?

Yes and no. If you qualify as a potential victim, NoName will find a way. The best thing you can do is to improve your cybersecurity and work with actual specialists to mitigate the attack and minimize the fallout.

But if you’re politically or ideologically involved, support Ukraine, and you’re big enough to matter, you will become a target of interest for NoName. Sooner or later.

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