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NoName Continues Its Crusade Against Italy

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 17 February 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName is still fully invested in disrupting Italy’s public and private sectors. The organization announced three more targets recently, all on Italian soil.

  • The three that faced NoName’s wrath are Mediobanca, BPER Banca, Aeronautica Militare
  • NoName posted the evidence of the attacks in its normal sarcastic tone, stating that they will continue their Italian operation indefinitely
  • NoName is known for its aggression, indiscriminate attacks, and tendency to hit high-value targets
  • The organization isn’t interested in financial gains but only in making political and ideological statements

These recent attacks conform with the group’s predilection for striking at high-end private and public institutions. NoName is a politically driven cybercriminal ring with a well-defined agenda and loose attitude.

While the victims didn’t comment on the attack, it is presumed that they’ve resumed their normal activity. NoName’s attacks aren’t typically that severe because the actor tends to hit targets in bulk.

X showing the NoName attack on the three Italian websites

NoName’s goal is to disrupt the victim’s operations, even if it’s for a short while. It’s not necessarily interested in inflicting as much damage as possible unless they have a specific interest in disabling a certain target. As was the case with Ukraine in 2022.

This is the main reason why NoName can hit multiple targets per day, sometimes as many as 15.

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Why NoName Is on Everyone’s Lips

NoName rose to power in 2022, shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The organization immediately stated its intent to protect the Russian state and attack all of its enemies. The cybercriminal group went to work shortly after.

The first cybercriminal campaign was aimed at Ukraine’s mass media and infrastructure. Multiple public and private institutions were hit, especially in the public sector. Journalists have even received threatening letters from NoName representatives.

But the thing that separates NoName from other hacking rings is its immense perceived power and resourcefulness. The group appears to be extremely resourceful and capable of hitting multiple high-end targets at the same time.

Because of it, some push the idea that NoName may be state-funded, with the Russian government being the likeliest sponsor. This is an unconfirmed theory so far.

Overall, NoName poses a real threat to all those whom the organization perceives as enemies of Russia for several reasons, such as:

  • The DDOSIA tool – NoName has created its own hacking tool called DDOSIA, which floods the target website with requests and force it offline.
  • Attack tactics – NoName is not a lone wolf. The group often collaborates with other cybercriminal organizations to expand its reach and influence. Killnet, Xaknet, Russian Cyber Army are just a handful of names.
  • Diverse MOs – NoName can use multiple attack tactics, depending on the victim’s defense layers. The fact that the group is highly adaptable and resourceful allows it to increase its effectiveness dramatically.

Currently, NoName has been hitting Italy for weeks in a row, and they don’t appear willing to stop anytime soon. When it comes to building a solid defense against cybercriminal groups like NoName, experts recommend relying on specialists.

You want all the help you can get.

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