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NoName Continues its Mission in Slovenia

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 15 April 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName hackers announced another politically-driven operation in Slovenia, targeting 3 public institutions. These are the Slovenian Police, the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office, and the Public Agency for Railway Transport.

  • The hackers also posted evidence of the breaches with print screens showing the disabled services
  • None of the institutions have yet to offer any public comment regarding the attacks
  • The websites are now up, showing that the victims were able to circumvent the damages and resume their services
  • NoName ranks as the most influential and active pro-Russian cybercriminal organization in the world

NoName has been relying on DDoS attacks and other types of operations since the beginning of the Ruso-Ukrainian war. Their underlying goal is primarily to undermine Ukraine’s ability to oppose the Russian will.

But the cybercriminal gang also conducts targeted attacks against Ukraine’s supporters, which refers to both governmental institutions and private organizations. In most cases, the hackers will linger on one victim, performing numerous attacks in a short time span.

In many cases, NoName can spend weeks pounding the same target, and the same appears to be the case with this latest attack. Slovenia is already in day 5 of dealing with NoName’s rage.

X showing the NoName attack on Slovenia

Slovenian officials haven’t commented on the recent attack, despite being one of many taking place over the past several weeks. It’s not just NoName that attacked the Slovenian institutions, but other pro-Russian gangs as well.

Even the Russian Cyber Army conducted one such operation recently, justifying the attack with the words of Natasa Pirc Musar, the Slovenian president:

“The people of Ukraine will need our support long after the guns have fallen silent.”

Slovenia has been supporting the Ukrainian government and people since the beginning of the ongoing conflict. This stance has painted a target on Slovenia’s name, with multiple pro-Russian gangs turning it into a target practice.

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Are NoName Attacks Devastating?

Not necessarily. As history has shown, and NoName has a lot to show for it, the gang doesn’t value the severity of the attacks too much. Instead, the hackers prioritize quantity over quality. NoName prefers to hit multiple targets multiple times instead.

This means it will sacrifice the quality of the operations, but that doesn’t matter. The point is to send a message and make efforts to intimidate the targets and disrupt their activity. NoName has also resorted to several other methods of intimidation in the past.

These include threats, blackmail, data leaks, political propaganda, spreading misinformation, and targeting specific individuals. These are all part of the ongoing information war perpetrated by NoName, as well as numerous other pro-Russian gangs.

According to several unnamed sources, NoName conducts their operations in a military-like style. They target several institutions per day, aiming for as many casualties as possible. This is useful for spreading the message globally with minimal effort.

As to NoName’s identity, that’s still unclear. What we do know is that NoName is a pro-Russian gang that first emerged in March 2022, shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Other than that, not much is known about the group’s structure.

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