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NoName Doubles Down on Germany Attacks

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 16 January 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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The NoName hacker group escalates its cyberattacks against Germany as it targets three new victims – a logistics company, a railway company, and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

  • The three new victims are DB Schenker (a logistics company), NordWestBahn (a railway company), and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
  • NoName is a known pro-Russian group with a heavy political affiliation. They’ve become known in March 2022 after claiming the attacks on several European government entities
  • The hacker group posts about their attacks on their Telegram channel, which is where they also posted a Manifesto on 11/03/2022
  • They’ve attacked multiple countries, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, the US, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Poland, Finland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Italy, Iceland, and The Netherlands

This attack seems to have been motivated by the latest protests in Germany about the tax rises and subsidy cuts for farmers.

Tweet showing the NoName attack on the German companies

At the moment of writing this article, we don’t know whether the German victims have regained website functionality or not.

What we do know is that this isn’t NoName’s first attack against Germany. Ever since the protests have begun, NoName has been watching the situation intensely.

History of NoName Hacker Group

NoName first made a name for itself in March 2022 when it claimed responsibility for the attacks on American, Ukrainian, and European media, government, and private agencies.

It published a Manifesto on Telegram in the same period, saying that they’re openly against Ukraine and their allies.

Ever since, they’ve made multiple high-profile victims, including:

  • Multiple Canadian and Quebec government sites in 2023
  • Multiple attacks on Ukrainian media websites and portals as of March 2022
  • A DDoS attack against the online train ticket sales system and the mobile application of the Latvian company Passenger Train
  • The extensive nation-wide attack against the Republic of Lithuania
  • An attack against the website of the Central Bank of Estonia in 2022
  • Several attacks against American companies
  • DDoS attacks against many businesses in the financial sector and the Ministry of Finance in Denmark
  • Attacks against various government and business sites, including the Federal Foreign Office, Bundestag, and the Platform for the Reconstruction of Ukraine in 2023
  • Several attacks against Norway
  • Multiple attacks against Poland’s internet infrastructure
  • An attack against the Finnish parliament website in 2023, after the country joined NATO
  • An attack against the presidential candidate Petr Pavel during the 2023 Presidential Elections in the Czech Republic
  • Multiple institutions and companies were attacked in Italy between February and March 2023
  • An attack against several Icelandic governmental websites in 2023
  • Several attacks against Dutch ports in Q1 2023

There’s no doubt that NoName is pro-Russian and that it actively targets protractors of the Russian government and Ukraine supporters.

They’ll surely continue with their attacks as long as the current geopolitical scene remains the same!

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