NoName Hacker Group Targets Bulgarian Government Websites in Massive Cyberattack

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 21 September 2023

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The NoName hacker group has just attacked several Bulgarian government websites in support of the recent farmer protests.

  • Five websites of the Bulgarian government were attacked: Council of Ministers Home, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • The attack method used by NoName was DDoS (distributed denial of service)
  • NoName is attacking Bulgaria in the backdrop of farmer protests decrying the lifting of the ban on grain imports coming from Ukraine

We should safely assume that the Bulgarian websites have already recovered from the DDoS attacks of NoName.

NoName Bulgaria

NoName is making victims among Bulgaria’s government in an apparent attempt to support the local farmer protests. With the lifting of the ban on grain imports from Ukraine, the grain prices have been skewed in disfavor of Ukrainian farmers.

It’s also possible that NoName will continue attacking the Bulgarian government for the duration of these protests.

However, it’s also clear that the NoName hacker group has Russian affiliations, so its role in all this could very well be that of a destabilizing maverick, sowing chaos for the sake of it.

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A Continuation of NoName’s Hacking Spree

Recently, we’ve reported on the NoName hacker group having attacked several Canadian government websites. We’re still not aware of the reasons behind the attacks or if any data has been stolen.

What is clear, though, is that NoName is known to have Russian affiliations. They’ve attacked many European, American, and Ukrainian websites and government throughout the past year.

Distributed Denial of Service is their preferred method of acting and they’re quite effective at it.

Their singular goal in all this seems to be the fight against Ukraine’s supporters, as it’s made clear from their manifesto that they posted on March 2022.

Since the Bulgarian government is lifting the ban on Ukrainian grains, an act of assistance toward the war-torn country, NoName’s attacks reveal a clear motivation.

Any and all support toward Ukraine is seen as a threat to Russia. So, the hacker group will not hesitate to jump on the offence.

This latest attack against the Bulgarian government is a continuation of the hacking spree that NoName has been involved in recently.

It’s most certainly not the last time we’ll see of them, as long as the Russia-Ukraine war is still ongoing.

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