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NoName Hacking Group Goes on a Rampage

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 2 January 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName posted evidence of a series of attacks that the organization has been taken part in recently. All of the victims are Italian entities.

These are: ASSOSIM, Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Sinfomar, Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea, CONSOB, Italian AGCM, SIENA MOBILITY, and Torinese Transport Group.

  • NoName is associated with Russian hacktivists and became public at the start of the Ruso-Ukrainian war
  • The organization initially targeted Ukraine, but soon moved to Ukraine’s allies and everybody else who nurtured anti-Russian sentiments
  • There aren’t too many details about the outcome of the recent string of attacks
  • NoName is interested in making political and ideological statements rather than pursuing financial goals

These attacks come shortly after another cyber-rampage, where NoName attacked several financial institutions in Finland. The group posted evidence of the attacks on their public platform.

The group’s impressive span and MO lead many to believe that the organization is actually funded by the Russian government. However, no clear evidence has transpired in this sense so far.

Tweet showing the NoName attack on Italian websites

The victims of these recent attacks didn’t make any public statement yet. It is presumed that they overcame the aftermath and restored their operations shortly.

NoName’s Identity and Goals

NoName became prominent at the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war in March of 2022 and turned active immediately. The organization has been responsible for numerous cyberattacks since then, some in rapid succession.

As the recent string of attacks showed, NoName is even capable of performing batch-attacks, with multiple targets being hit at the same time. The group has a Telegram channel which it uses to make threats, mock their opponents, and name their victims.

The organization didn’t shy away from proclaiming its pro-Russian roots in a public Telegram post on 11th of March, 2022. In that post, NoName stated its support for Russia and condemned the “neo-Nazi regime of Zelensky.”

They also accuse Ukrainian supporters, be them governmental agencies or private corporations, of partisanship to Nazism. This justifies them in attacking anyone who supports Ukraine or exhibits anti-Russian stances.

So far, NoName has attacked multiple organization and governments in at least as many countries. These include the US, Finland, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, and many others.

Furthermore, NoName also collaborates with several other hacktivist groups to expand their reach and influence. Killnet and XakNet are 2 of them, who also qualify as pro-Russian entities.

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