NoName Hits Denmark Again

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 1 March 2024

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NoName stayed true to its word and continues to pound Denmark relentlessly. The organization posted yet another batch of Danish victims on its public platform. The number is 5 now.

  • The 5 involved in the attacks are Aarhus City, Odense City, Town of Horsens, Postnord online store, and Helsingor City
  • NoName justified the attack by invoking Denmark’s continuous support of Ukraine
  • This situation has been going on for several weeks, with NoName attacking multiple Danish targets per day
  • NoName’s determination to burn Denmark stems from the state’s stated intention to continue to support Ukraine

NoName posted a more detailed justification for its campaign against Denmark with these recent attacks. The attackers invoked Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen’s words as she recommended Europe limit welfare spending to increase defense and military expenditure.

The prime minister justified this position by painting Russia as a dangerous actor on the world stage, one that poses a threat to the entire Europe. During that same public speaking event, Fredriksen also reinforced Denmark’s support of Ukraine.

X showing the NoName attack on Denmark

Not only that, but Denmark appears to have a 5-year plan in place designed to provide Ukraine with $1.8 billion in military aid. To conclude that NoName isn’t fond of that would be an understatement.

But why is NoName so invested in Ukraine’s demise?

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NoName – The Pro-Russian Cybercriminal Gang

NoName is literally born out of the Ruso-Ukrainian conflict. The organization first hit the public conscience in March of 2023, just days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The group wasted no time stating their goals and getting to work.

They immediately targeted Ukraine’s mass media and infrastructure, conducting extensive operations against public institutions. Some Ukrainian mass media figures have even received threatening letters from the hackers on several occasions.

When it comes to goals and political affiliations, NoName has been explicit from the start – they support the Moscow regime and aim to take down all of its enemies. This line of thinking turned to reality quite fast.

NoName conducted a series of DDoS attacks against multiple countries over the past year. These include Germany, the US, Finland, Italy, Iceland, Poland, and many others. The group’s influence has spread worldwide and is growing by the day.

But why is NoName so effective, and how has it grown so fast? One theory is that NoName is funded by the Russian government itself. This would explain the organization’s resourcefulness and influence.

The only problem is that these are just speculations, as no clear evidence has been found in this sense. Another theory, which is more than just a theory, is that NoName is working with other Russian-based cybercriminal gangs.

Two of these are Killnet and XakNet. This allows NoName to construct more detailed and sophisticated DDoS operations that would otherwise be more difficult to manage. On top of that, NoName’s internal structure is highly militarized and disciplined.

The group doesn’t cut corners, is very methodical, and works with the most talented hackers in the world. This explains not only why NoName is dangerous today but why it will remain dangerous in the future as well.

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