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NoName Infiltrates Multiple Targets in Switzerland

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 18 January 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName is responsible for a hacking rampage in Switzerland, after it managed to infiltrate several high-profile targets. Among the victims, we number the Geneva Airport, the Hotel Alpenhof Davos, and the Grenchen airport.

  • The attack appears to be politically motivated, as stated by the hackers themselves in a public post
  • NoName accused Davos of “planning to destroy Russia” and that the attack is meant to be a retaliatory strike against a perceived aggressor
  • NoName is known for its pro-Russian sentiments and willingness to attack all those who oppose or criticize Putin’s regime
  • It’s unknown how many of the victims recovered and resumed their activity by this point

NoName has spiked its recent trend of attacks, increasing its activity considerably over the past months. This recent rampage is the most notable episode of NoName’s 2024 activity and things don’t seem to slow down. Neither of the victims were willing to give public statements. Instead, they focused on restoring their systems and making sure that the attack doesn’t repeat.

Tweet showing the NoName attack on multiple Swiss websites

As is the case with all NoName hits, these recent breaches were DDoS attacks aiming to disrupt the victims’ operations and freeze their systems. In some cases, the restoration work can take hours, in other cases – days.

What to Know About NoName

NoName is a self-proclaimed pro-Russian group consisting of highly competent and resourceful hacking experts. The group’s reach, effectiveness, and aggression point at significant financial backing, some suggest.

According to some theories, the Russian government itself is sponsoring the organization and uses it to attack Russia’s enemies. NoName first came public in March of 2022, shortly after the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The group immediately took to Telegram to state their objectives and ideology and highlight their goal of destroying Russia’s enemies. The first attacks that followed targeted Ukraine, but soon Ukraine’s allies followed suit.

NoName is especially dangerous due to its ability to innovate and remain one step ahead of their victims. This is more evident in the fact that NoName has created and is now using its own hacking tool, DDOSIA.

The organization also cooperates with other hacking groups to expand their reach and potential. These includes names like Killnet and Xaknet, which are also pro-Russian orgs.

NoName’s attacks also seem to be extremely destructive and debilitating. Some organizations have reportedly lost millions, went offline, and ceased their operations for weeks, trying to recover from the attack.

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