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NoName Joins Forces with Cybercriminal Gangs To Hit Sweden

Bogdan Pătru

By Bogdan Pătru . 16 March 2024

Tech Writer

Alex Popa

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NoName continues its hacking spree, this time turning its attention towards Sweden. While the hackers didn’t state the reason for the attack clearly, one can be easily deduced. After all, Sweden has been supporting Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

  • Two websites were hit, and NoName announced that the services were no longer available
  • The victims didn’t comment on the event
  • NoName has been on an anti-Ukrainian hacking rampage since March 2022
  • The organization self-described itself as pro-Russian and started attacking all states and private corporations they deemed enemies of the Russian state

Sweden has been on NoName’s hit list for quite a while, and this isn’t the first attack they had to endure. NoName’s DDoS operations aim to inflict moderate damages because the organization prioritizes quantity over quality.

For this reason, NoName often collaborates with other cybercriminal entities to conduct more extensive operations on a global scale. This strategy allows them to hit multiple targets across several continents and states.

X showing the NoName joint attack on the Sweden websites

This approach also explains how NoName is able to produce up to 10-15 targets per day in some cases. Given that the pro-Russian gang isn’t as large as other global DDoS actors, the only other explanation is that it relies on affiliates to meet its goals.

Today’s hacking event is proof of that. NoName joined forces with several cybercriminal gangs to ensure the operation’s success. These are UserSec, PHOENIX, Russian Cyber Army, 22C, and CyberDragon.

The operation was called Joint Cyber Attack, and it’s supposed to be one episode out of many to come.

Where Will NoName Go from Here?

NoName’s agenda is simple and transparent: push the pro-Russian narrative and target all those who stand in the way. NoName owes its success to several factors, including:

  • Unparalleled internal discipline – Internal leaks hinted at a form of military-like discipline inside NoName. The hackers have strict deadlines, well-defined goals, and work around the clock to meet the organization’s requirements.
  • The projected financing – NoName appears to be well-funded despite not conducting financially rewarding operations. Some have suggested that the Russian government may have a hand in it, although nothing has been definitively proven.
  • The immense resources – Anonymous reports have hinted at the group having to meet a quota of 8-15 attacks per day. This explains why NoName is sometimes capable of infiltrating more than 10 targets a day in some cases.
  • Constant upgrades – NoName is constantly upgrading its systems to evade detection and ensure the success of its DDoS attacks.

These aspects paint NoName as a formidable cybercriminal ring with worldwide reach, extensive resources, and unwavering motivation. NoName’s self-stated goals are to push Russia’s interests as far as possible and trample all opposition in the process.

Their standard MO reflects this very goal. NoName has resorted to all of the tools at its disposal to sow dissemination, confusion, and propaganda. DDoS attacks are just one tool of many.

The group also relied on intimidation and blackmail in an attempt to influence the Ukrainian mass media. Which speaks volumes about NoName’s determination and resilience.

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