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NoName Joins Forces With Top Hacker Groups Against Japan

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 22 February 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName announced the names of 2 more victims on Japanese land. These are the New Chitose Airport and the City of Nagoya.

  • NoName has been attacking Japan for the past week, targeting both public institutions and private corporations
  • This type of operation unfolded immediately after NoName ended its previous hacking campaign against Italy
  • NoName is known to use its power and influence to make political statements, and right now, it has its eyes set on Japan
  • As the hackers themselves have stated, they’re targeting Japan for its continuous support of Ukraine in the ongoing Ruso-Ukrainian conflict

It’s unclear how damaging the attack has been, but the intrusions have most likely been rather mild. This would fall in line with NoName’s general hacking policy of quantity over quality.

The organization prefers to hit multiple targets over short periods of time to cause chaos and fear and keep its enemies on their toes. This allows the group to achieve its goals without sacrificing too many resources in the process.

X showing the NoName attack on the Japanese sites

To be noted, NoName didn’t act alone this time. Instead, the group joined forces with other hacking organizations, such as the Russian Cyber Army, 22c, CyberDragon, and UserSec. The theory is that this allowed NoName to breach the victims easier.

This is because Japan typically has a solid cybersecurity network, so illicit infiltrations aren’t exactly easy. However, few can resist NoName’s will, especially when it collaborates with other cybercriminal entities.

But why is NoName so effective?

NoName’s Cybercriminal Profile

NoName has been quite straightforward and transparent with its history, goals, and politics. The group was born out of the Ruso-Ukrainian war, which is why its first public appearance was in March, soon after the conflict began.

In the very first public post, NoName stated its intentions, goals, and political spectrum. To put it simply, this is a pro-Russian cybercriminal ring with the sole goal of pushing Russian interests and attacking those it deems enemies of Moscow.

The organization conducted numerous attacks against Ukraine and its allies, including the US, Canada, Japan, and many others. The group’s goal is to disrupt the victims’ operations, instill fear, and send a message.

There are several aspects that rank NoName as probably the most dangerous cybercriminal organization today:

  • Its financial power – There’s no doubt that NoName doesn’t experience financial problems, which has led many to suggest that the group is funded by the Russian state.
  • Its systems and tools – NoName is constantly upgrading its systems, tools, and tactics to increase its chance of successful attacks. The organization is now using DDOSIA, its own DDoS tool that floods the target with network requests.
  • Its influence – NoName often collaborates with other cybercriminal actors to conduct more massive operations, as was the case with these most recent attacks.

The organization’s power also transpires from the fact that, despite extensive efforts, law enforcement agencies still have no definitive information on the group’s structure or members. And the situation doesn’t look like will change anytime soon.

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