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NoName Moved Its Attention Towards Spain

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 18 April 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName hackers announced another upcoming long-term operation, this time against the Spanish government. The hackers posted the news about a recent hit against several Spanish institutions.

  • Some of the victims include Parlamento de Galicia, Corts Valencianes, and Parlament de Catalunya
  • No Spanish official has come forth with any public statement yet, which was to be expected
  • Authorities usually avoid discussing these types of attacks, as they don’t want to give the hackers the publicity they want
  • NoName is the most infamous cybercriminal gang today that chooses its targets based on their political and ideological affiliations

This recent attack was supposedly triggered by Spain’s willingness to negotiate the bilateral security agreement with Ukraine. This would be the second round of negotiations, aimed at providing the Ukrainian government military and humanitarian securities.

Needless to say, NoName isn’t fond of that. Many other cybercriminal gangs feel the same way, but NoName ranks among the most the most proficient and dangerous of them all. The gang’s self-described purpose is to attack all those who oppose Russia.

X showing the NoName attack on the Spanish websites

NoName’s path has been pretty straightforward since its inception. The gang first announced itself at the end of February 2022, immediately after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It then immediately went on the offensive, hitting Ukraine’s infrastructure and public system.

The group grew fast and eventually started targeting all those who either opposed Russia or supported Ukraine in the ongoing war. The standard method of attack is the DDoS flood, relying on million of bots to overwhelm the victim’s systems.

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Who Is NoName?

The answer isn’t clear, and it’s unlikely that we’ll get one anytime soon. As some have pointed out over time, NoName appears to be a very well-funded and protected gang. The group isn’t interested in financial gains but only in making statements.

The attacks that the gang is conducting aren’t necessarily too damaging either. That’s by design. NoName’s self-described goal is to hit as many targets as possible as fast as possible. This is why the operators are required to identify and infiltrate up to 15 targets daily.

This attack volume is meant to instill fear and intimidate potential targets, which works to some degree. To the degree that it doesn’t work, NoName has other aces up its sleeve. The gang is known to use a variety of tools to achieve their political goals.

These include direct intimidation, blackmail, spreading misinformation, pushing propaganda, performing character assassinations, and even sending threatening letters. This paints NoName as a versatile and resourceful actor on a mission.

Spain isn’t the only country to be targeted by multiple DDoS attacks coming from NoName. The cybercriminal gang has just completed a week-long operation against Slovenia, consisting of dozens of breaches.

Other countries have faced NoName’s wrath before as well, including Germany, France, Canada, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the US, to name a few. Some have linked the cybercriminal gang to the Russian government itself, but this theory hasn’t been confirmed.

No matter the truth, NoName remains a highly active, competent, and scary group with a lot of potential going forward.

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