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By Miklos Zoltan . 9 January 2024

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NoName targeted several high-profile institutions in Finland in an attempt to make a political and ideological statement. The 4 victims are: Central Chamber of Commerce, Bank of Finland, OP Financial Group, and Cybersecurity Center.

  • Neither of the 4 victims have come forth with any official statement regarding the recent attack
  • NoName is known to use its DDoS attacks to make political statements
  • The organization showcases self-admitted pro-Russian sentiments and usually targets anti-Russian or pro-UN supporters
  • NoName hits public institutions, governments, and the private sector indiscriminately

The recent attacks resulted in suspending the victims’ main center of operations, rendering their websites inoperable. In some cases, the websites were down for more than 24 hours. NoName is known for its aggressive approach, multi-layered attacks, and the no-mercy policy.

They always post evidence of the attacks on their Telegram channel, along with statements regarding the reason behind their destructive campaign.

Tweet showing the NoName attack on the Finnish websites

In this particular case, the victims involved directly in the attack weren’t targeted specifically. Instead, the attacks used these institutions as proxies to make a statement against Finland itself.

As NoName stated on their Telegram channel, the reason for the attack was that Finland was offered by the UN to open a NATO base near St. Petersburg. The hackers used this opportunity to make a political statement and urge Finland to reject the offer.

Who Is NoName?

NoName first emerged in March of 2022, shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The group immediately stated its pro-Russian sentiments and declared war against all those who opposed the Russian government.

The first DDoS attacks were aimed at Ukraine in that very first month, but numerous others followed. Most of the attacks were concentrated on Ukraine, but many other countries soon followed, like the US, Estonia, Finland, Canada, Germany, etc.

In all cases, NoName made public statements and accused the victims of supporting the Ukrainian government, either directly or indirectly. In some cases, the group may even decide to attack on the basis of the victim not standing up to the Russian side.

Unlike many other cyber-criminal organizations, NoName doesn’t shy away from stating its political and ideological affiliation clearly. Despite this, specialists still have no clear understanding of the organization’s structure, identity, and financing.

This has led many to believe that NoName is actually a puppet of the Russian government itself. This would explain the group’s power, indiscriminate attack, and seemingly massive financing and support.

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