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NoName Steamrolls Through 3 Countries

Bogdan Pătru

By Bogdan Pătru . 16 March 2024

Tech Writer

Alex Popa

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NoName announced another DDoS campaign, this time against 3 countries at the same time. The states being hit are Belgium, France, and the Czech Republic.

  • The hacking organization hit 4 targets across the 3 countries, all linked to the transportation system
  • The websites were deemed inoperable for a while until the victims managed to restore their systems
  • NoName didn’t make any demands but instead qualified the attacks as punishment for the countries providing aid to Ukraine
  • NoName is the most vocal pro-Russian cybercriminal organization that has been operating on a global scale since 2022

While NoName didn’t state the reasons for the attacks plainly, these can be easily deduced. Belgium already has a pro-Ukrainian aid fund of 1.7 billion euros, 351 million of which goes to military spending. Another 111 million euros are meant for humanitarian aid.

Belgium is also deeply involved in Ukraine’s reconstruction and has a 2-year plan in place until 2025 to help the Ukrainian government and population. The Czech Republic and France also set a deal on March 5, 2024, to keep assisting Ukraine in the ongoing war.

X showing the NoName attack on the several websites

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, even suggested during the meeting that Ukraine’s allies should even send troops on the ground. It’s not difficult to see why NoName wouldn’t like statements and pacts like these.

The attacks were part of a larger operation that NoName started in 2022 and is still going strong today. The hacking organization first made its public appearance in March of 2022, just days after the start of the Russian invasion.

Why NoName Is on Everyone’s Lips

There are several reasons why NoName ranks as the most influential, feared, and dangerous cybercriminal organization in the world. These include:

The Internal Structure

While not much is known about the way NoName operates, anonymous inside reports have hinted at an almost military-like discipline. The hackers have clear goals, strict deadlines, and operate with complete impunity.

They are required to highlight and infiltrate between 5 and 15 targets per day, every day. This explains how NoName is able to produce so many victims in such short time spans.

The Unconventional MOs

NoName isn’t limited to standard DDoS attacks. Instead, the organization pushes its political and ideological agenda by any means necessary. These include threatening letters, blackmail, extortion, and any other intimidation tactics they can think of.

The Resourcefulness

NoName doesn’t seek financial gains from its attacks but only pushes political goals. However, the organization doesn’t seem short on staff or resources. NoName is highly resourceful and powerful, which explains why law enforcement agencies appear powerless.

Some have even suggested that NoName is funded by the Russian state itself, although there is no clear and definitive evidence in this sense.

These recent attacks are yet another milestone in NoName’s campaign against the anti-Russian West. Neither of the victims have made any public statements, and state representatives have been silent on the matter.

This stems from the idea that giving NoName attention incentivizes its actions for more visibility and celebrity status.

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