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NoName Targets Luxembourg Again

Bogdan Pătru

By Bogdan Pătru . 25 March 2024

Tech Writer

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The infamous pro-Russian cybercriminal ring organized another attack against Luxembourg, this time hitting 4. No official has commented on the attack so far, although the news about the previous attacks has been discussed publicly.

  • The 4 institutions that NoName targeted are the Luxembourg Army, the Ministry of Transport of Luxembourg, the Elly Municipal Administration, and Schifflange
  • NoName didn’t make any specific requests other than highlighting Luxembourg as an ongoing target for its support of Ukraine
  • According to the latest data, Luxembourg has spent around $150 million for Ukraine, providing primarily military support
  • The country has also taken in Ukrainian refugees and promised to continue to support the Kyiv government in the future

It’s not difficult to see why Luxembourg qualified as a viable target for NoName, who’s been actively hunting Ukraine and anyone who supports it. NoName has been unusually active lately, managing to infiltrate even a dozen targets per day.

The hackers just completed another massive DDoS operation against Greece, which counted 9 victims, all being public institutions or companies. This falls in line with NoName’s main MO: focus on governmental entities and hit as many as possible in a short time span.

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The hackers’ goal is to disrupt the targets’ normal functioning and send a message to others who follow in their footsteps. For now, it seems like NoName’s actions are limited strictly to the Ruso-Ukrainian war and pushing Russian ideals.

NoName Is on a Rise

NoName is among the most dangerous, resourceful, and active DDoS actors in the world today. The cybercriminal ring hasn’t had a day off since it first started in March of 2022. The group announced its launch publicly and got to work within days.

The pro-Russian cybercriminal ring attacks anti-Russian establishments almost exclusively. Their main policy is targeting Ukraine’s supporters, whether they are governmental institutions or private organizations.

The cybercriminal ring has conducted numerous operations against most of Ukraine’s allies. In most cases, the hackers will pound their target of choice several days and even weeks in a row. This has been the case with several countries recently.

These include Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, and the Czech Republic, to name a few.

NoName’s main motivation is protecting Russia’s interests. The group has been so active and determined to accomplish its goals that it made some wonder whether they are funded by Russia itself.

A few facts support this theory, such as the group’s impressive funding, the expertise and proficiency of its members, and its elusiveness. NoName hasn’t been yet seized or even touched by the FBI in any capacity.

This alone makes the hackers seem untouchable, which would be the case if they had Russia’s backing. That being said, there is no clear proof that would link NoName to the Russian government.

The recent attacks on Luxembourg appear to be just the beginning, as NoName announced that it intends to keep targeting it. They also have other targets lined up, including the Netherlands.

Experts recommend adopting more sophisticated defensive systems for those who qualify as potential targets. Collaborating with actual cybersecurity professionals in this sense is imperative to ensure the best results.

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