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NoName Targets Moldova and Ucraine

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 26 May 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName announced 2 major operations within the same day against Moldova and Ukraine. The hackers managed to breach multiple targets, after accusing the targets as supporting the Ukrainian regime.

  • NoName has ramped up its activity in 2024, conducting multiple operations against Ukraine and its allies
  • The main MO relies on DDoS attacks, as these are relatively cheap and get the message across
  • NoName’s attacks aren’t particularly damaging, as the websites are back up and running relatively soon
  • The organization has been using its influence and reach to support Russia’s war efforts since day one

These recent DDoS operations targeted multiple targets across Moldova and Ukraine, all of them being state-owned institutions. NoName targets primarily public and governmental actors to inflict more widespread damages.

In many cases, NoName’s attacks have impacted the general public in one way or another. This is typically due to the hackers targeting some of the public systems that the people rely on. These include the health sector, public transportation, emergency services, etc.

X showing the NoName attack on the Ukrainian sites

None of the institutions targeted in these recent attacks have commented on the events. The local mass media has reported the breaches, though, as these have already become a norm over the past 2 years.

NoName has been conducting relentless cybercriminal strikes against Moldova over the past month. One campaign in particular has lasted more than 2 weeks, during which the hackers pummeled numerous Moldovan targets.

Ukraine has been the priority for NoName since the beginning of the war.

NoName has often collaborated with other pro-Russian gangs to make an even bigger impact and reach multiple targets at the same time. The gang’s internal structure and members are currently unknown.

However, given the organization’s impressive reach, high activity level, and funding, many have suggested ties to the actual Russian government. While this hasn’t been confirmed at this time, it’s not a far-fetched theory, as history has showed.

What Does NoName Want?

NoName is strictly interested in supporting Moscow’s war and political agenda. The gang has been very explicit about that with their first public post. They also reinforce this idea with each note following every hit they conduct.

This includes these last 2 operations, with NoName accusing Moldova of supporting Zelenskyy’s regime. The gang has been at war with all of Ukraine’s supporters, targeting them with multiple attacks over the past 2 years.

Some of the targets include Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Romania, Denmark, and the US. The attacks have generally relied on DDoS floods, causing the target websites to go offline.

NoName has also resorted to other forms of cyberwarfare to send their message across. These include public mocking, informational leaks, open threats, spreading misinformation, and raging propagandistic battles.

The cybercriminal gang has also collaborated with other high-end pro-Russian gangs like KillNet, XakNet, and Russian Cyber Army during its DDoS campaigns. The joint efforts have always led to more extensive operations with multiple victims.

It’s also worth noting that, despite being active daily since its inception, 2 years ago, law enforcement agencies are no closer to bringing NoName down. Either the organization is highly competent and elusive, or it has some heavyweight benefactors behind it.

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