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NoName Targets Multiple Websites in Poland

Bogdan Pătru

By Bogdan Pătru . 21 April 2024

Tech Writer

Miklos Zoltan

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NoName hackers have attacked Poland again, this time breaching several public services. These are the online bus ticket sale portal, the electronic toll collection system, and mPay, an online app.

  • Neither of those attacked by NoName have commented on the events
  • NoName operators posted the evidence of the attack on their public platform, along with a short mocking statement
  • The infamous pro-Russian cybercriminal gang has been extremely active since March 2022, when it first came public
  • The hackers always aim to push political and ideological goals, attacking all those who either oppose Russia or support Ukraine

Cyberattacks have been prevalent in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, as both parties used them to gather information, exploit vulnerabilities, spread propaganda, and damage their opponents. But no cybercriminal group is as aggressive and scary as NoName.

The organization isn’t known for conducting highly damaging operations, but it is famous for its wide reach and power. NoName hackers often target and infiltrate multiple victims at once, no matter their defense layers and profiles.

The gang works with highly capable individuals to conduct malicious attacks all over the world. They also rely on affiliates and their collaboration with other cybercriminal names like XakNet and KillNet to make an even bigger impact.

X showing the NoName attack on the Polish websites

NoName’s attack policy is simple but effective: target as many victims as possible and inflict the most damage with the least amount of investment and effort. This explains why NoName’s attacks aren’t necessarily too advanced or damaging.

The standard attack method is the botnet flood, allowing the hackers to overwhelm the target website. This typically causes the services to go offline, as the system cannot handle the massive number of access requests. It’s simple and effective.

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NoName Targets Multiple Websites in Poland

NoName is a self-admitted pro-Russian gang that emerged soon after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. The gang wasted no time and went on the offensive, targeting Ukraine’s infrastructure and assets.

They also started attacking Ukraine’s allies, whether they were governmental or private institutions. As the hackers themselves have declared, their goal is to both cripple Ukraine and discourage its allies from supporting its war efforts. Does this work?

Yes and no. It obviously takes more than a DDoS attack to discourage different world governments from sending aid to Ukraine. But NoName’s efforts can sometimes make the process more difficult. And this isn’t the only tool in NoName’s toolbox.

The organization is known to rely on a variety of tactics to achieve their goals. This includes spreading misinformation, using propaganda, sending threatening letters, blackmailing officials and persons of interest, etc. It’s all part of the same plan.

But are you at risk of being targeted by NoName or any other similar organization? Yes, if you’re involved in the ongoing Ruso-Ukrainian conflict in any capacity. Even putting out a pro-Ukrainian or anti-Russian statement is often enough to warrant an attack.

It’s also important to note that NoName has targeted pro-Israelian actors on top of that. This shows that the organization is active on several battlefields.

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