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NoName Targets Romania And Infiltrates Several Institutions

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 16 March 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName announced a massive operation against Romania due to the government’s announcement that would fund a new NATO base on Romanian soil. As a result, NoName infiltrated seven high-value public institutions.

  • Neither of the targeted institutions has commented on the event, but mass-media outlets have reported on it
  • NoName is known to conduct politically and ideologically driven cyber-attacks, and most of its operations are aimed at Russia’s perceived enemies
  • NoName specializes in DDoS attacks and often collaborates with other cybercriminal gangs to hit multiple targets at once
  • As NoName hackers have stated in the original post, Romania has allocated 2.5 billion euros to the new NATO military base on its territory

NoName has targeted most of Russia’s opposing states, including the US, since the beginning of the Ruso-Ukrainian war. Most of the attacks have been mild, with no lingering effects. This is in accordance to NoName’s “quantity over quality” policy.

The goal is to hit as many targets as possible to create confusion and panic, and disrupt their activities. NoName’s attack history supports this MO, as the hackers often infiltrate multiple targets per day, sometimes up to 15.

X showing the NoName attack on the Romanian websites

This recent attack targeted several key organizations within the Romanian government. These include the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Service of Special Communications, and the Central Government. It’s unclear how the hackers gained access to the systems.

Since the are no official statements on the attacks, the extent of the exposure that the targeted institutions had to deal with is unknown. Despite valuing quantity over quality, NoName is capable of inflicting serious damages, as it has proven more than once.

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Why is NoName Attacking NATO Countries?

The simplest answer would be: because they see NATO as enemies of Russia. NoName’s history supports this view better than anything, with the organization hitting the public sphere shortly after Russia attacked Ukraine.

NoName’s first attacks date back to March of 2022 when the cybercriminal gang attacked multiple Ukrainian institutions. The hackers have even sent intimidation letters to news outlets in an attempt to influence the mass-media narrative.

But NoName’s war isn’t only against Ukraine. The group has sworn to attack all those who support Ukraine or Israel or stand against the Russian state in any capacity. As this recent event has shown, this includes NATO members.

But why is NoName so effective and dangerous? Several reasons are responsible for that, including:

  • The military-type structure and organization
  • The advanced systems, tools, and tactics
  • The constant upgrades allow NoName to constantly outpace its victims
  • The tendency to work with affiliates and other cybercriminal groups
  • The unbreakable adherence to their own goals, ideals, and motivations

NoName is currently one of the most recognizable and intimidating cybercriminal organizations, with hundreds of DDoS attacks and numerous other intimidation tactics. The hackers have even sent threatening letters to their victims before and after attacks.

It’s also worthy noting that NoName has never been infiltrated by the FBI or any other major law enforcement agency. Some suggest that this is due to the organization having powerful and resourceful sponsors that protect its back.

It’s still unclear who those sponsors are or even if the theory is true.

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