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NoName Targets Ukraine Again

Bogdan Pătru

By Bogdan Pătru . 6 April 2024

Tech Writer

Alex Popa

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Pro-Russian NoName cybercriminal gang attacked a series of Ukrainian websites recently. According to NoName’s OP, there are 6 victims in total, all being governmental institutions.

  • Some of the institutions that have been hit include the Kramatorsk City Council, the Luhansk Regional State Administration, and the Zaporizhzhia City Council
  • The hackers posted a mocking statement following the attack, hinting at more attacks to come
  • NoName has been one of the most vocal pro-Russian gangs, especially since the beginning of the Ruso-Ukrainian war
  • The cybercriminal gang currently ranks as the most dangerous and active today, with hundreds of victims to their name

None of the victims targeted in the attack have made any public statement so far, which is to be expected. Especially in wartime, when both parties involved engage in disinformation and propaganda.

Ukraine has been the target of numerous cyberattacks since the beginning of the war and even before that. NoName has been at the forefront of the attacks, targeting not only Ukrainian targets, but Ukraine’s allies as well.

More importantly, NoName has shown an astounding level of activity and resourcefulness, as it typically manages to strike multiple targets per day. According to some anonymous tips, this is the result of the groups almost military-like structure.

X showing the NoName attack on Ukraine

Since its inception, NoName hasn’t wasted any moment doing Russia’s work. The hackers appear to be so committed to their goals that some started suggesting links between NoName and the Russian government.

As the theory goes, this is one of the few ways to explain the group’s power, funding, and its perceived “untouchable” status. Nothing has been confirmed so far, which means that this is just a theory for now.

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What Makes NoName Dangerous?

It’s not the gang’s attack method, because that’s rather common in the cybercriminal sphere. NoName relies on DDoS attacks to flood the target website with requests, causing it to shut off. This isn’t anything new or revolutionary.

What truly makes NoName dangerous is the organization’s structure, ideals, and determination. NoName first came public in March, 2022, shortly after the Russian regime invaded Ukraine.

Since then, NoName hit anti-Russian targets exclusively and appears to only be politically and ideologically-motivated. The hackers only target anti-Russian states and even private corporations if they feel it’s warranted.

The main trigger is the target offering direct aid to the Ukrainian government or support Ukraine’s military and humanitarian efforts to any extent. But NoName may also target countries that only express sympathy toward the Ukrainian cause.

Or those that point an accusatory finger at Russia or the Russian government’s actions starting February, 2022.

NoName’s threat level also increases due to the way the hackers operate. The organization conducts its own operations, but also collaborates with other pro-Russian criminal groups. This extends the hackers’ reach, while taking heat off of them at the same time.

It’s also important to note that NoName prioritizes quantity over quality. They don’t necessarily care too much about the damages they inflict, so long as they get to hit multiple targets per day.

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