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NoName Turns Its Attention Towards Denmark And Czech Republic

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 20 February 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

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NoName keeps being one of the most active cybercriminal names in the world and they live up to the standard every day. Today, it’s Denmark and Check Republic’s turn to experience the hackers’ wrath.

  • NoName posted evidence of a multi-hit hacking operation involving four confirmed victims
  • These are Din Offentlige Transport and Sydbank from Denmark and Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and the Government of the Czech Republic
  • In typical NoName fashion, the cybercriminal org targeted high-value targets to make a political statement
  • The hacker ring is known for using cyberattacks to push pro-Russian agendas and propaganda

It’s unclear how severe the attacks have been, but NoName isn’t usually particularly devastating. The group always sacrifices quality over quantity, preferring to hit more targets at once than inflict any long-term damages.

This isn’t to say that NoName is harmless, as they can paralyze the victim’s operations for weeks or months in some cases. But that’s not what they’re after in most cases. In most cases, NoName prefers hit multiple targets in rapid succession to spread fear.

X showing the NoName attack on the websites

As the group itself has stated, their goal is to cause temporary discomfort and spread panic and uncertainty among Russia’s enemies. This explains why most of NoName’s operations have consisted of bulk attacks with multiple victims involved.

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NoName’s Terror Campaign

In simple terms, NoName is a pro-Russian hacking organization that first emerged into the public light in March of 2022. This was shortly after Ukraine’s invasion by Russian forces. NoName didn’t waste any time stating its goals and political affinities.

The group supports the Moscow regime and made that plainly obvious with its first post. Shortly after announcing its aims, NoName swiftly moved to action. Ukraine was the first target, but its allies followed suit shortly as well.

Over the course of two years, NoName hit multiple public and private institutions that they suspected supported the Ukrainian government. Some of the states that received NoName’s attention during this time included the US, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, and more.

This recent attack also falls in the same category. Denmark has been on the receiving end of NoName’s aggression for more than a year. The hacking group also attacked the country several times throughout 2023.

As is typically the case with NoName’s attacks, the organization hits both private and public institutions, but always goes for high-value targets. The goal is to send a message and cause as much trouble as possible.

In this particular operation, NoName justified the attacks as making an example out of the two countries. As the group stated in the Telegram post, both states have supported and continue to support Ukraine’s war efforts.

This automatically turned them into targets with NoName stating that they’ll keep conducting attacks against them just like they did with Italy until recently. NoName currently ranks as the most aggressive cybercriminal organization in the world.

This is especially due to them being well-funded and supported, with some pushing the theory that they’re actually puppets of the Russian government.

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