Hoxx VPN can hardly be called a VPN. Its name is pretty fucking suggestive as well. In all reality, it’s simply a proxy service who promises to help you access geo-blocked content, hide your IP address, and secure your internet network.

This online security provider promises 100% safety, privacy, and protection. These are, by all accounts, features and factors that all VPNs should deliver by default.

Does Hoxx VPN stay true to its words or do they fuck things up on an unprecedented scale?


  • There’s a free version available (Hoxx is free, trash is free…spot the pattern?)
  • Has a decent amount of servers


  • Keeps logs
  • No torrenting and no Netflix access
  • Encryption protocols are on the level of caveman clubs and sticks
  • Internet speed, a mind-boggling fuck-up
  • Certainly not user-friendly

Let’s take a closer look at its core features, and whether it complies with the main principles of a good VPN.



Freaky coincidence or not, we’re going to start talking about the most blatant disaster on the list, the ludicrously slow server speeds.

VPNs are guaranteed to slow down your default internet speed, and it all depends on the quality of the service whether the end result is acceptable or not. With the best VPNs on the market, the difference between the benchmark speed and the encrypted one is 4-5 Mbps at worst.

With Hoxx VPN, there is a drop of 94% we’re talking about. This is not just a slight slowdown, it’s a complete cluster-fuck that makes the entire experience crumble to bits and pieces.

There were tests made for the EU and US servers:

  • EU – the ping was 39 ms, the download speed got to 29.66 Mbps from 97 Mbps, while the upload speed reached 46.21 Mbps from 53 Mbps
  • The US – the ping was 197 ms, the download speed hit 48.99 Mbps from 97 Mbps, while the upload speed sank to a mind-boggling 2.78 Mbps from 53 Mbps (94% slower)

You could argue that the end results are still usable. With 48.99 Mbps in download speed, you can surely stream even HD videos. Sure, but this result comes from a benchmark speed of 97 Mbps.

What happens when your ISP provides you with a maximum speed of 40 Mbps? Unusable network, that’s what happens.

And let’s not talk about the upload speed because the situation is even grimmer there. 2 Mbps is a value that you get from the third grade and second-rate providers that are just there to fill up the market quota.

However, Netflix doesn’t require demonic speeds to run so let’s theoretically assume that you have what it takes to run the popular streaming website. Do any of the servers give you access to it?

Nope, they don’t. The Canada, US Chicago, Miami, New York, and the Netherlands servers failed to connect to Netflix despite multiple attempts. I think we can safely assume that none of the servers can achieve that since the ones in Murica are useless.

Alright, fine, Netflix is a no-go, but you can surely enjoy some quality torrenting, right?

Nope, you can’t. The FAQ section on the official site states it right from the get-go.

HoxxVPN Torrent

Many other VPNs only have certain servers that allow torrenting but Hoxx VPN takes the moral high-ground and throws you the middle finger.



Maybe I should have started with this section since it’s really the only one where I won’t be mopping the floor with Hoxx VPN. Actually, they’re doing pretty good in terms of server coverage.

They have a total of 674 servers spread across 32 countries. This is a more than mediocre number, and the chances of finding an unencumbered server close-by are very high.

And get this, you have access to an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Most VPNs give you access to 3 or 4 but Hoxx VPN takes it to a whole other level. To infinity and beyond…

This is extremely suspicious, to be honest. If you can use as many devices at the same time, this means that the servers will blow up in flames in the first few seconds. People will naturally want to get as many benefits as possible.

However, the fact remains that you are not limited in any way so, even if the chances are the whole network might come crumbling down as a result, it’s still a good thing.

This is the where the good things start and come to an end, unfortunately.



I don’t even know where to begin. I might have misspoken earlier when I said that the speed was the worst aspect of Hoxx VPN.

To start with, they’re using a 4096-bit RSA encryption. This used to be the encryption back in the day, impregnable and extremely secure in terms of its complicated algorithms.

However, that was years ago, like I said. In 2013, specialists were able to crack it using very simplistic tech. Now, the new top-notch security system used by all agencies around the world is the 256-bit AES standard.

No one has been able to decrypt it until now, and there were many attempts with much more sophisticated software than what the average Joe can get his hands on.

As if this wasn’t enough, Hoxx VPN uses HTTP tunneling or its browser add-ons and the Shadowsocks protocol for the Android and desktop apps. In other words, it foregoes OpenVPN second-rate, even this protocol is considered to be the best VPN protocol to date.

The Shadowsocks is nothing else than a proxy, not a real VPN protocol so it obviously doesn’t have the same flexibility or versatility like genuine security encryption like OpenVPN.

Now that we’ve seen that the security protocols are outdated and straight-up garbage, let’s see if the VPN itself is trustworthy and whether it retains any user data.

For starters, VPN1 LLC, the parent company of Hoxx VPN, is based in the USA. As you might know, the USA is a part of the Five Eyes surveillance Alliance. As such, besides the CIA and the FBI keeping a close eye on your traffic, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand will also have access to your data in real time.

As for the logging policy, the one thing I can say with positivity is that Hoxx VPN is honest at least. On the Frequently Asked Questions section on the official website, they’re explicitly saying that they do keep logs.

This is just to fight against any illegal actions, or so they say.

Hoxx VPN Privacy

Sure, while this is admirable and all, it defies the first rule of VPNs – never store away your users’ activity and never log their data, whatever the reason. That’s the whole purpose of an online security provider, to give you a clean slate where you can conduct your business without any meddling in.

Now let’s take a look at their privacy policy, and analyze exactly what type of data they’re logging.

Hoxx VPN Data Collection

Apparently, they’re storing away information about your browser, your access times, pages viewed, IP address, and the page you viewed before turning on the VPN.

What’s more, they also never guarantee that your information and data are not going to be used against you. That is to say, if you are suspect of doing anything illegal, going against the copyrights, they will announce the authorities without notifying you.

Hoxx VPN Data Policy

Hoxx VPN Authorities

So, you are actually never safe when using Hoxx VPN because they will turn you in without batting an eye.

Finally, there are also leaks to talk about, both DNS and WebRTC ones.

DNS leaks appear when the VPN server that should have received your traffic data gets ignored for some reason. This will obviously make your IP address known to anyone tracking you.

Almost all Chrome extensions will have DNS leaks.

As for WebRTC leaks, they occur when APIs interfere with the VPN’s processes, and the original IP address is revealed.

Out of 6 tests performed to check for DNS and WebRTC leaks, Hoxx VPN failed 3 of them, the ones did on browserleaks.com, perfect-privacy.com, and dnsleak.com.

This combination of logged data, age-old encryption that be cracked too easily, and leaks makes for one hell of a cluster-fuck. This should be called Hoax VPN because that’s what it really is.


Ease of Use

Even with the client itself, there are countless problems that make it nearly impossible to use.

The installation process goes smoothly without any hitches. But when you boot up the application, all hell ensues.

Hoxx VPN Interface

Choosing a server is intuitively easy and nothing to fret over. However, what happened then was this.

HoxxVPN Interface

And then, the circle just keeps on spinning to the ends of time with no hint of ever stopping.

After you finally get bored and cancel the login, you can try again. If you’re in luck and manage to connect, you should be welcomed with something like this.

HoxxVPN Interface

Apparently, the VPN system is having WebRTC leaks. Connecting again will be another time-consuming activity since the connection times out constantly.

If you manage to connect and have no more leaks, you’ll believe that this is over, that you can finally surf the internet in peace.


Hoxx VPN Fail

Now, your internet is not working when connected to Hoxx VPN.

For all intents in purposes, the service was completely unusable for the entirety of the time. Errors, glitches, connection time outs, leaks, network interruptions, and things like that.

This is the very opposite of usability and easiness of use. The service and the client are broken, a bunch of circuitry and codes gone haywire, patched up together to look good.

As for compatibility, Hoxx VPN is only usable on desktop computers and mobile devices. No iPhones, Smart TVs, routers, gaming consoles, nothing.

It doesn’t even have a kill-switch. Remember the leaks? A kill-switch would have ensured you’re relatively safe against them. Nope, there is no kill-switch to do that.



Hoxx VPN offers a 24/7 customer support through email.

Look to the bottom right-hand corner of the website and you’ll see the button. Click on it, and something like this should appear.

HoxxVPN Support

Fill out the form and you’ll receive a response immediately, confirming your request for help.

You’ll receive a response from the staff team in a few hours at most so that’s a little bit encouraging.

What’s not encouraging is the lack of information and details that you’re provided with. Instead, what you’ll get is a 2-sentences reply filled with general information that you could get anywhere, and a visible lack of interest.

It’s growing increasingly obvious that Hoxx VPN really is nothing but hot trash, pure and simple. This disinterest and lack of professionalism just makes it painfully evident.



In terms of plans and packages, this is a short summary:

  • 1-week plan for $3
  • 1-month plan for $7
  • 3-month plan for $18
  • 6-month plan for $30
  • 1-year plan for $40
  • 2-year plan for $50

These plans are especially thought out to make the most of their shitty services. At least, they’ll have gotten a small profit out of you even if at the end of that one week or month, you’ll be cursing your choice.

Of course there’s no money-back guarantee. How else could it be a successful hoax? They aren’t making a profit and cheating you if they have to return that money.

Oh, and they also have a free plan available for you. You know, on the off-chance that you thought the premium plan was too good for you.

HoxxVPN Premium

It’s saying that they don’t guarantee speed nor customer support for the free accounts. Does this mean that they actually guaranteed them for the premium account or what?

Can it get any worse? Is that what they’re saying? Through some convoluted stretch of the imagination, you can figure it out that the free accounts are actually sad, pathetic jokes that make a mockery of all VPNs.

As for the payment methods, here they are:

HoxxVPN Payments

Carrying out the sentence – death by VPN

I absolutely do not recommend Hoxx VPN to anyone, ever, no matter what sort of situation you are in. Even if the NSA and the FBI are on your tails, using Hoxx VPN will actually supply the agencies with info on your location.

I don’t care whether you’re stranded on a deserted island or a prisoner in North Korea, you just don’t use Hoxx VPN. I would gladly recommend you stick to any other free VPN because they’re miles ahead.

Of course, all jokes aside, if you really want a top online security provider that will give you exactly what you want – absolute security and encryption, IP-cloaking tools to access geo-blocked content, and utmost professionalism, here’s a list:

NordVPN – this Panama-based VPN is the very best on the market period. With military-encryption protocols, a 24/7 live support chat, unmatched server speed reaching up to 500 Mbps, and more, you can’t fail with NordVPN.

IPVanish – a master of disguise and the ultimate chameleon that will mask your IP address with multiple protocols. No one, not even your ISP will be able to track you down ever again. Also, it’s the second best-rated VPN in the world.

CyberGhost – the one true experience where you’ll wish you’d have started using this VPN sooner. CyberGhost excels at speed, pure and raw server performance that nothing and no one can match. It’s based in Romania, after all, and this explains everything, even the true no-logging policy that’s on display on the official website.

Settle for the best, and you will receive only the best services. As for Hoxx, the only thing that’s missing that would make it better, is an ‘a’ in the name.

Our Rating


Hoxx VPNis extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

Go to NordVPN Instead (Seriously!)