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Russian Cyber Army Attacks Danish Provider

Bogdan Pătru

By Bogdan Pătru . 16 March 2024

Tech Writer

Miklos Zoltan

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Denmark found itself on the Russian Cyber Army’s hit list once more. The country has been ravaged by ransomware and DDoS attacks, most of them linked to Russian-affiliated cybercriminal gangs.

  • The Russian Cyber Army is one of the most infamous pro-Russian groups of cyberhackers
  • The victim is called GN Store Nord, and it’s one of the many private corporations and public institutions hit over the past several weeks
  • The attackers didn’t state the reason for the attacks, but they can be easily deduced
  • The Russian Cyber Army is a pro-Russian organization that targets Russia’s enemies almost exclusively

It’s unclear how much damage the DDoS attack inflicted on the victim, but this gang’s operations are known to be quite destructive. This is both due to the group’s sophisticated MOs and the fact that it handpicks the victims carefully.

The Russian Cyber Army has the goal of causing massive financial losses and disrupting the victim’s operations as much as possible. This is why they have been focusing on targeting Ukraine and its allies since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

X showing the Russian Cyber Army attack on the GN Store Nord A/S

But the organization’s history extends farther back, as back as 2007 and the Estonian conflict. That was the first time that Russia’s cyber activities hit the public sphere, which isn’t to say they didn’t happen before as well.

The Russian Cyber Army steamrolled from that point on, gradually increasing their frequency of attacks and general MO. The cybercriminal gang slowly graduated from small and medium-sized targets to high-value ones, most of them from the public sector.

How Dangerous Is the Russian Cyber Army?

The organization is now considered to be one of the most dangerous ones in the world. There are numerous other DDoS groups with transparent Russian affiliations, like NoName that have been deemed global threats.

But neither has reached the level of notoriety that Russia’s own cybercriminal entity has, and for good reasons. There are several reasons why the Russian Cyber Army is more dangerous than any other DDoS actor today:

  • Multi-layered attacks – The organization doesn’t limit its activity to standard DDoS operations. Instead, they use a variety of MOs, including extortion, intimidation tactics, propaganda, disinformation, illicit internet surveillance, and involvement in state affairs.
  • Superior technical abilities – This has become evident as the group shifted its attention to high-value institutions as their main MO. Currently, experts rank Russia’s Cyber Army as the most resourceful and impactful cybercriminal gang in the world.
  • Involvement in global issues – Russia’s Cyber Army is a major global player with interests spread out across the world. The group pushes political and ideological statements, influences wars, and impacts worldwide economies and affairs.

Several attempts have been made to crack into the organization, but nothing has worked so far. As this most recent attack has shown, Russia’s Cyber Army is ready to attack anyone to make a statement.

While no clear motive has been invoked as the reason for the attack, one can be easily deduced. Especially after NoName’s relentless DDoS campaign against Denmark over the past few weeks.

The thing that paints Denmark as the number one target of these cybercriminal groups is its support of Ukraine in the ongoing conflict.

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