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Russian Army of Hackers Attacks Ukrainian News Agency

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 9 January 2024

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Modern warfare is no longer reduced to trench battles and tank duels. Cybercrime has become a valid tool in weakening the enemy and break its will and capacity to fight. Which is why Russia has attacked a Ukrainian news agency recently.

  • The attack involved Russia’s most powerful army of hackers, all focusing their efforts towards one goal
  • The victim was Kiborg news agency and the attack rendered the company’s website inoperable
  • The news agency didn’t comment publicly on the event
  • Cyber-warfare has been a valuable tool in Russia’s war arsenal ever since the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion

Needless to say, Ukraine itself has its own army of trained hackers who work relentlessly to combat the efforts of their Russian counterparts. The recent attack showed Russia’s capabilities and aggression in this sense.

The purpose of the attack was to disrupt the agency’s operations and discredit its reputation at the same time. It is unclear how effective the attack was or how long it took Kiborg to overcome the situation.

Tweet showing the attack on Kiborg

According to experts, Russia has been conducting cyber warfare operations for decades and has gotten more proficient at it with time. Over the years, Russia has attacked France in 2015, Georgia in 2008, Estonia in 2007, Germany in 2015, etc.

The attacks were always politically motivated and were aimed at expanding Russia’s sphere of influence. These tactics are crucial in the intelligence warfare that Russia has been a part of ever since the rise of the internet.

About Russia’s Cybercriminal Tactics

Russia is known to attack with impunity and use its army of proficient hackers to lay waste wherever they can. At one point, a young Russian hacker was caught after a series of attacks on NATO systems.

The hacker claimed backing from the Russian government, as his tuition was being paid by the FSB. The hacker’s story was corroborated with evidence that the authorities managed to collect during the investigation.

The most relentless wave of cyberattacks were aimed at Ukraine, though, especially in the last 2 years, since the start of the war. The US endured at least as many attacks over the years, with Russian intelligence targeting numerous US institutions.

During one such specific event, APT29, also known as Cozy Bear, breached several US agencies, including the National Nuclear Security Administration. This cyber-criminal group is known to be funded by the Russian government.

Several Russian hacking groups have appeared over time, including Sandworm, Killnet, Darkside, and many others. These are either Russian funded, or sport pro-Russian sentiments and act in the name of the Russian government.

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