Surfshark Launches New Dedicated IP Feature

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By Miklos Zoltan . 8 June 2023

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Surfshark is making waves in the world of VPNs with the launch of its new Dedicated IP feature.

The newly unveiled feature provides users with their own exclusive IP address, one that won’t be shared with anyone else and will remain the same for the user’s usage.

Key Highlights

  • The Dedicated IP feature offers various benefits, including facilitating remote network access, evading VPN blocklists, and reducing CAPTCHA requests.
  • Surfshark currently provides Dedicated IP locations in The Netherlands, The UK, and The US, with more locations set to be added soon.
  • The Dedicated IP feature is available for Surfshark and Surfshark One subscribers.
  • The official release date of the Dedicated IP feature is June 8th.

Dedicated IP Feature: An Elaboration

Surfshark’s Dedicated IP address brings a multitude of benefits to the table. Users can remotely access any network, a capability increasingly necessary in the era of remote work.

Moreover, the feature helps users avoid blocklists commonly associated with VPN use, ensuring smoother, uninterrupted browsing experiences.

One of the major perks is the significant reduction in CAPTCHA requests, which can often slow down and disrupt online activities.

Global Locations

The Dedicated IP feature currently extends to locations like Amsterdam in The Netherlands, London in The UK, and various cities across The US, including Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, and Dallas.

Soon, Surfshark plans to roll out the feature in Frankfurt, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; and Hong Kong. Future releases are also planned for Milan, Italy; Johannesburg, South Africa; Toronto, Canada; Sydney, Australia; and Paris, France.

Acquiring the Dedicated IP Feature

The Dedicated IP feature is accessible for both Surfshark and Surfshark One subscribers.

Once logged into their account on, users can locate the “Dedicated IP” section and click on “Upgrade” to acquire the new feature.

Official Release Date

The Dedicated IP feature is all set to launch officially on June 8th, marking a significant milestone for Surfshark in its commitment to enhancing users’ VPN experiences.

Surfshark’s new Dedicated IP feature is a significant step towards providing a more seamless and efficient VPN experience for users worldwide.

By offering users their own private IP address, Surfshark continues to innovate in the competitive world of VPN services.

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