ThreatSec Hacker Group Claims to Have Attacked Unbxd Inc. and Stealing 22GB of Data

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 7 September 2023

Founder - Privacy Affairs

ThreatSec has just announced on their Telegram channel that they’ve hacked Unbxd Inc., an AI-powered product discovery platform that provides brands with scaling options.

They claimed to be in possession of 22GB worth of data.


  • ThreatSec has hacked Unbxd Inc. and accessed 22GB of data, including user info, backend data, and all the information stored on the site
  • Unbxd Inc. offers AI scaling services to brands and companies
  • The company hasn’t issued any public statement, so we’re not 100% sure that the attack has taken place or if the hackers are merely bragging
  • As of right now, the Unbxd Inc. website is fully operational
  • ThreatSec is part of “The Five Families”, a collective of hackers that work together to plan and carry out cyberattacks
  • The alleged Unbxd Inc. cyberattack resulted in the publication of the company’s entire online database (22GB), including user information. The repercussions of this are still unknown.

    ThreatSec Hacker Group

    Unbxd Inc. is not a new company, and it’s AI services are very popular among brands operating in all niches. It’s clear to see why the company became the target of ThreatSec.

    Attack History and Conclusions

    Other cyberattacks by ThreatSec include:

    • An assault on the Indonesian Government’s Data Center, which resulted in the unauthorized access of criminal records (260,000 entries)
    • A cyberattack on the MindX Technology School in Vietnam, an attack that was allegedly caused by the discovery of corruption within Vietnam

    Based on their claims, it seems that ThreatSec is fueled by the desire to combat injustice, corruption, and inequity.

    However, Unbxd Inc. does not seem to fit its usual pattern. Given that we have no public statement from the company regarding the attack, we can’t assume anything.

    One thing is clear, though. As part of “The Five Families”, ThreatSec has become even more notorious, with attacks targeting all industries.

    One of their biggest attacks was against Alpha Automation when they stole 230GB of customer and financial data, internal documents, and company software.

    It’s as yet unclear whether the attack against Unbxd Inc. was a larger-scale operation organized by “The Five Families” or a ThreatSec-solo operation.

    “The Five Families” or if it a ThreatSec-solo operation

    If it was a solo operation, it means that ThreatSec is still working on its own, planning and carrying out attacks on targets. This might mean that Unbxd is not the last target of this hacker group.

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