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UserSec Forms the High Alliance Hacker Society

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 3 May 2024

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Alex Popa

Fact-Checked this

Pro-Russian cybercriminal organization just announced forming a massive coalition of hacker groups. The new alliance is called High Society and contains several world-renowned gangs from all over the globe.

  • The new alliance seemingly contains the names of at least 20 groups
  • Some of these include KotoBot, GB Anon, UnderWorld Hacker Group, Anonymous Collective, and Indian CyberForce
  • According to UserSec, the hacker coalition has the goal of dismantling NATO and its European allies
  • The hackers threatened that they would get to action soon enough

Cyberattacks have become extremely popular, especially since the beginning of the Ruso-Ukrainian war. Malicious actors like UserSec, KillNet, NoName, and other high-profile gangs, are deeply invested in the destruction of Russia’s enemies.

UserSec has been involved in a multitude of targeted attacks, most of which have been ideologically or politically-motivated. Like most other pro-Russian cybercriminal gangs, NoName included, UserSec became active in 2022.

The gang participated in numerous attacks against Ukraine and its allies over the 2 years since the beginning of the war.

X showing the UserSec attack on High Society

However, UserSec is a rather peculiar cyberthreat actor because the gang rarely conducts solo operations. In most cases, the group will join forces with other gangs. This is most likely to cover their tracks and take heat off of their tail.

X showing the UserSec attack announcement on High Society

The news hasn’t been confirmed by other cybercriminal actors or law enforcement agencies, but it does look legit. The hackers posted a long comment about the event and issued general threats and warnings against their potential enemies.

X showing the UserSec attack announcement on High Society

It is unclear what the response of law enforcement agencies will be, but they will most likely wait for the situation to develop. It wouldn’t be the first time when malicious actors have announced alliances or major operations that didn’t go anywhere.

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What Does UserSec Want?

UserSec is a pro-Russian organization, which, in today’s global climate, explains a lot of its reasons on its own. Just like NoName and other high-profile actors, UserSec is invested in pushing Moscow’s ideals and goals. By any means necessary.

This means that the gang is willing to do anything, so long as it furthers its goals. This includes DDoS attacks, data leaks, blackmail, sending threats, pushing propaganda, spreading misinformation, etc. What an alliance of 20+ hacker gangs can do is anyone’s guess.

But who is UserSec? As with most cybercriminal gangs, the answer is a short and concise: we don’t know. However, as many have pointed it out, it doesn’t even matter than much. The fact that UserSec paints itself as a pro-Russian gang already says it all.

This automatically paints the organization as Russian-funded. Russia has been known to fund and support cybercriminal gangs from all over the world, so long as they push its agenda. This doesn’t mean that UserSec is state-funded, as the theory hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The same goes for other high-profile cybercriminal gangs like NoName, which has been actively involved in massive malicious crusades against several countries. And if there’s one gang that could be funded by the Russian state, that would be NoName.

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