Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow

Cybersecurity specialist

Susan is an ex-chemist who transitioned to the IT-security sector in the early 1990s where she became a founder of a cybersecurity start-up. Since then, she has built a knowledgebase across diverse areas including encryption, digital rights management, digital signatures, privacy, and online identity.

Susan has been involved in identity projects addressing government, enterprise, and consumer needs. She has helped design and commercialize award-winning software solutions used by organizations of all sizes, worldwide.

Currently, Susan works as Head of R&D at Avoco Identity who specialize in data orchestration solutions to facilitate the identity ecosystem.

Susan is also a tech writer and has a regular blog about digital identity at CSOOnline:

In 2020, Susan was shortlisted for a top 100 Women in Tech award and included in the long list of the most influential women in technology in the UK by Computer Weekly magazine.

Her mantra is design for a digital life, not just digital identity.

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