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Hacker Group Desorden Breaches Central Retail Corporation

Miklos Zoltan

By Miklos Zoltan . 8 August 2022

Founder - Privacy Affairs

Today, the hacker group Desorden announced yet another breach against one of Central Group’s subsidiaries. This time the hackers breached Central Retail Corporation.

Central Retail Corporation is a corporation listed on Thailand’s Stock Exchange that operates supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls, department stores, and consumer goods under various popular brands.

Central Retail Corporation is part of Central Group, which is a conglomerate owned by one of the richest families in Thailand.

This is now the third attack carried out by the hackers against Central Group.

Today the hackers have announced that they managed to breach Central Retail Corporation servers and have obtained databases with information such as billing system data and sensitive information of over 68,500 vendors.

Desorden Central Relatil Corporation Hack

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New Breach in Retaliation of Cenrtal Group Breaking an Agreement

Desorden explained via email to Privacy Affairs that this latest attack was retaliation to Central Group breaking their agreement to pay a ransom of $900,000 demanded after an earlier breach.

The hackers claim that earlier this month, Central Group management agreed to pay a ransom of $900,000 for the hackers to help Central patch critical vulnerabilities.

Desorden claims that Central Group rescinded the alleged deal on the day of payment and refused payment.

Two days ago both Central Group and Desorden announced that Desorden breached Central’s hotel division, ‘Centara Hotel Group’.

Central Group, however, seriously downplayed the severity of this breach, something that prompted the hackers to release a batch of stolen data that revealed sensitive information on hotel guests and hotel financials.

Central Group has not commented on the alleged ransom demand and deal.

Who Are Desorden?

Desorden is a new hacker group that gained prominence in the fall of 2021 after a string of high-profile data breaches.

In September and October 2021 Desorden carried out a string of attacks against targets such as Acer Taiwan, Acer India, SkyNet.com.my Malaysia Logistics, ProTempts and ABX Express Enterprise.

The hackers explained that their attacks are financially motivated and target supply chains and bigger companies.

This is all that is publicly known about this new hacker group.

An earlier dark web investigation by Privacy Affairs revealed that most stolen data of this kind end up on various hacker forums.

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