Free Proxy Servers in 2024 – Which to Use

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By Justin Oyaro . 24 January 2024

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Proxy servers are proven tools for improving online privacy and reclaiming digital freedom. They also offer other perks, such as content filtering.

Nonetheless, proxy servers don’t offer impeccable security. VPNs better handle this task. VPNs are more reliable, and they provide more benefits than a proxy.

Generally, we advise against using free proxy servers. Most of them are extremely unsafe and can intercept your internet traffic.

We recommend using a safe VPN instead.

We recommend ExpressVPN. It’s one of the fastest and most trusted VPNs around.

Below you can find a list of free proxy servers:

IP ADDRESS PORT COUNTRY, CITY Latency TYPE ANONYMITY LEVEL 14287 US 0.97sec SOCKS5 ANM 18302 US 0.83sec SOCKS5 ANM 10084 Canada 0.91sec SOCKS5 ANM 1080 Singapore 1.78sec SOCKS5 ANM 58341 Taiwan, Taipei 5.77sec SOCKS5 HIA 1080 Germany, Dusseldorf 2.78sec SOCKS4 HIA 45199 UK, London 6.43sec SOCKS5 HIA 3128 Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek 0.28sec HTTPS ANM 44332 Germany 0.20sec SOCKS5 HIA 58208 US, Alexandria 3.72sec SOCKS5 HIA 1080 Japan, Tokyo 2.61sec SOCKS5 HIA 33427 Cambodia, Phnom 1.40sec SOCKS5 ANM 15864 US 0.95sec SOCKS5 ANM 5678 Poland, Lublin 1.44sec SOCKS5 ANM 39078 Canada 0.98sec SOCKS5 HIA

2024 Update: As of 2024, my stance on using free proxies remains firm: they are a privacy hazard and should be avoided at all costs.

The allure of ‘free’ is understandable, but the risks are not worth it. Consider the logistics – running proxy servers, especially those with high traffic, is expensive. It’s implausible that such services would be offered completely free of charge without any ulterior motive.

Free proxy sites often monetize by exploiting your internet traffic. This can involve intercepting your data, which may include sensitive information like passwords, or even introducing malicious content to your device.

Hence, it’s crucial to steer clear of free proxies. VPNs continue to be the safest option for changing your IP address. Most reputable VPNs have undergone independent testing and are certified to adhere to essential safety and security standards.

While using a VPN might involve a nominal fee, it’s a significantly safer investment than risking the security of your computer or phone through free proxies.

What is a Proxy Server, and How Does it Work?

A proxy server is an intermediary system between a client (you) and a server (the internet). A proxy server is used to relay resources (content from the internet).

The client sends a request to the proxy server when using a proxy server. The Proxy server processes the requests, fetches the necessary resources, and sends them back.

Usually, an anonymous proxy server is used. This proxy knows the origin IP address, but it uses its IP address when getting the resources from the internet.

Thus, a proxy masks my IP address, and this feat improves my privacy. Consequently, I get to bypass geo-restrictions since online services will see the geo-location of the server.

Proxy Server Feature Highlights

Online privacy

Proxy servers mask my IP address with their IP address. This allows me to browse privately without worrying about my digital privacy.

Bypass online restriction

Besides masking my IP address, the server also allows me to access content from its geo-location. This is useful for accessing content from different places.

Saves bandwidth

Most proxy servers cache online content and compress incoming traffic. These functionalities save bandwidth, and they also improve my connection speeds.

Content filtering

Besides anonymity, proxy servers can block or allow websites an individual can visit. This is important in organizations and can also be used for parental control.

Intermediate security

Proxy servers also offer a layer of protection between me and the internet. Anyone trying to infiltrate my system will have to pass through the proxy server.

Free Proxy Servers

Free proxy servers are a trial-and-error situation. Some might work today and fail to work tomorrow. Nonetheless, after some rigorous testing, I found some that are consistent.

This list includes the best free proxy servers with higher uptime, lower latency, and elite (HIA) or anonymous (ANM) anonymity levels.

Also, the proxy servers are either HTTPS or SOCKS5. Although they don’t offer stronger encryption, they use SSL encryption that makes traffic unreadable to prying eyes.

To use these proxy servers, set them on either your system or your browser.

Note: Some free proxy servers may not offer fast speeds at all times. If the connection speed decreases, move on to the next server.

Generally, we advise against using free proxy servers. Most of them are extremely unsafe and can intercept your internet traffic.

We recommend using a safe VPN instead.

We recommend ExpressVPN. It’s one of the fastest and most trusted VPNs around.

Free Website proxy Servers

Unlike the above free proxy servers, website proxy servers don’t need any setup. However, they can only be used in the browser. They offer a few tweaks regarding connections.

I found out that some allowed me to set up encryption and disable cookies, and they offer a wide selection of servers.

Nonetheless, website proxy servers are also a hit or miss when accessing content. For instance, I found that one cannot access some social media sites such as Twitter.

Some sites such as Google and Wikipedia are accessible. Nonetheless, similar to their counterparts, they are also unable to unblock streaming services such as Netflix.

The best thing about website proxy servers is that they can connect without hassle. They always work anytime I need them.


Website proxy:

Hide me

Website proxy:


Website proxy:


Website proxy:


Website proxy:

Most free website proxy servers also offer a premium service for a small fee. Some of them are renowned VPN services that push towards a subscription.

Here are some popular website proxy servers that I tested. Some may work with social media, while others won’t.

Risks of Free Proxy Servers

Privacy and security issues

Proxy server owners didn’t declare how my online traffic and related data are handled. Most of them didn’t have a no-log policy, and everything was under their control.

Additionally, free proxy servers need to cover the operational cost. The best way they do this is by selling my data to third parties, which can compromise privacy.

If the owner doesn’t sell the data, the incoming traffic is reshaped to contain various ads that generate revenue for the proxy owner.

Besides privacy, proxy servers implement little to no encryption. If anyone gets hold of the incoming online traffic, they will know what I have been doing online.

Poor performance

Even the best free proxy servers are always unreliable. Due to congestion (everyone can connect), free proxy servers have slower speeds.

Additionally, the proxy owners can cap the speeds or limit what users can access due to the limited infrastructure. These practices coerce users to join a subscription plan.

Proxy Server vs. VPN: Which to Use

Both proxy servers and a VPN work similarly; however, a VPN has an effective implementation when protecting my connection and traffic over the internet.

A VPN also uses military-grade encryptions to protect my data from prying eyes such as my ISP, government, hackers, and other malicious individuals.

Besides encryptions, premium VPNs also implement a no-log policy, and their jurisdictions have no mandatory data retention laws.

My online activities are always safe, and not even a court of law can compel them to reveal my online activities. “They can’t give what they don’t have.”

Unlike a proxy server, a premium VPN offers unlimited bandwidth with fast speeds – no congestion or capping problems.

Also, premium VPNs have the necessary infrastructure to ensure that my connections are always reliable and have optimal performance.

With many servers, a premium VPN allows me to access content from anywhere. Most premium VPNs offer unmatched unblocking abilities.

Find out more about proxies vs. VPN in the linked guide.

Best and Reliable VPNs 2022

In my experience, I found that free proxy servers are a hit or miss. On the other hand, paid proxy servers are costly and might not perform well at times.

This is why I usually prefer premium VPNs, whether I want to protect my online privacy and security or bypass online restrictions and stream various content.

Here is a list of the best VPNs I recommend you try in 2022.


ExpressVPN is our top-notch VPN service suitable for any online task. It has servers in over 160 locations that offer unlimited bandwidth and blazing speeds.

These speeds come in handy when streaming and downloading content – no lagging or buffering. ExpressVPN also boasts unmatched unblocking abilities.

With ExpressVPN, I can stream content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, SonyLiv, Sky TV, Disney Plus, and other sporting activities.

Read our guide on how to watch SonyLiv in the USA for more details. Also, our guide on watching Sky TV in the USA can be of help.

This VPN also supports torrenting on every server. Privacy and security are air-tight through the TrustedServer technology, leak protection, no-log policy, and a network lock.

ExpressVPN service offers 5 simultaneous connections, and its apps are very user-friendly. There’s also 24/7 customer service.

This VPN service is compatible with almost every computing device and supports major platforms. There’s also a smart DNS for devices that don’t support VPN apps.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA is an excellent choice for protecting online privacy and reclaiming digital freedom. It has a court-proven no-log policy, and its software apps are open-source.

Its worldwide next-gen servers offer unrestricted access to different content and provide fast speeds for online tasks such as streaming and torrenting.

PIA VPN offers flexible encryption on the OpenVPN protocol. I can choose either AES 128 bit for speed or AES 256 bit for impeccable security.

This VPN service also offers features suitable for both novice and expert users. Novice users can use the VPN on default, while expert users can tweak a few things here and there.

PIA VPN offers port forwarding and a multi-hop functionality via Shadowsock and a SOCKS5 proxy.
These functionalities also provide obfuscation.

This VPN service is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, browsers, consoles, and Smart TVs. Its open-source apps have minimal clutter and a good interface.


CyberGhost is an easy-to-use VPN with a vast server network in over 90 countries. This VPN offers unrivaled anonymity with the highest possible speeds.

This reliable VPN service is suitable for torrenting, streaming, and other online tasks requiring unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds.

A strict no-log policy couples its military-grade encryption. For optimum privacy, performance, and security, CyberGhost offers custom-engineered No Spy servers.

The VPN apps sport a streamlined interface across all platforms. They are user-friendly and offer tweaking options for various functionalities.

Unlike other VPN services, CyberGhost is the only VPN that offers a 45-day money-back guarantee alongside the standard 30-day.

Its free 24hr trial doesn’t even require a credit card.

CyberGhost is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and more devices. It also offers protects up to 7 devices simultaneously.


Surfshark is a no-log policy VPN that packs advanced security and privacy features. This VPN also offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

This VPN service also boasts excellent unblocking abilities, and its servers in 65-plus countries ensure high-speed content delivery.

The network infrastructure runs on RAM-only servers. This ensures that no data is stored, and the servers use the current software configurations each time.

Privacy and security features include camouflage, no borders, double VPN, bypasser, clean web, leak protection, and next-gen AES 256-bit encryption.

Surfshark also offers a kill switch and leak protection. Its VPN apps are easy-to-use, and they feature a user-friendly interface.

This VPN service is compatible with computers, smartphones, smart TVs, and browsers. It has friendly customer service with 24/7 expert support.

Wrap Up

In my experience, proxy servers can get the work done; however, a premium VPN will do the same job effectively and with greater satisfaction.

A VPN offers more than a proxy regarding online privacy and security. That is, a VPN encrypts my online connection and traffic over the internet.

VPNs also offer a no-log policy and other features tailored to enhance my online experience.

I also get a variety of server locations I connect to and unblock online content from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people found answers to these questions helpful

What is the best free proxy server?

The best free proxy server offers better speeds and unlimited bandwidth. However, the best free proxy servers are hard to come by. Therefore, I recommend a premium VPN instead.

Are premium proxy servers better?

Premium proxy servers offer a better service than free proxy servers. It is rare to get congestion, and they offer access to various server locations. Nonetheless, premium proxy servers are more expensive than VPNs. Additionally, proxy servers don’t provide reliable encryptions.

Is it illegal to use a proxy server?

No. It is not illegal to use a proxy server in most countries. Proxy servers offer various individual benefits, and they are essential to enterprises across the world. Nonetheless, I recommend that you check with the law regarding using proxy servers.

Are proxy and VPN the same thing?

Absolutely not. Although a proxy server and a VPN may have similar functionalities, they are different entities. A VPN is more advanced and offers better online privacy and security.

Can I be traced when using a proxy server?

Yes. Proxy servers keep a log of what an individual does online. This log includes connection times, origin and destination IP addresses, online activities, and other identifiable information.

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